10 advantages Windows 8 tablets have over the iPad and Android

10 advantages Windows 8 tablets have over the iPad and Android

Summary: Windows 8 tablets may be behind the iPad and Android tablets in market share but they have significant advantages over the competition. Here are 10 of them.


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  • Run any browser

    Every browser out there will run on Windows so tablet users aren't restricted to one or two as on other platforms. All of the popular browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) can be used on a Windows tablet so everyone's preference will work. Internet Explorer is pretty good in Windows 8 but it's nice to have options.

  • Run powerful software

    Windows 8 can run any legacy software which means even powerful programs like AutoCAD and Photoshop can be installed and used. This turns the tablet into a good work tool for even professionals in the most demanding professions. If it runs on a Windows workstation, chances are it will run on a Windows 8 tablet.

Topics: Mobility, Tablets, Windows 8, The Year's Best Tech for Work and Play

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  • Nice

    At least!!!, thank your for point thinks that are really important. I think the only thing I would change is indicate wich feature is available in Windows 8 RT
    • Or just get a laptop

      Or just get a laptop, or ChromeOS Chromebook. I can see that for some a full Windows experience would be a good thing, such as for a business. In most cases at lightweight laptop, with a good keyboard, I personally feel would best using a tablet. For the average Joe, a tablet is something people use with apps -- lots of apps, of which Windows simply lacks. Of 32 apps I use on Android, I found about half of them on Windows8 store. But it is very true, for the few which require running a full Windows, then a Windows tablet is the only way to go. Most people just use a tablet differently than they do a desktop.
      • Apps

        Since I have a lot of apps on my Surface, what 16 must have (only on Android) apps do you use all the time that must preclude using a Win8 tablet?

        As far as Chromebook - that joke is hilarious!!!
        • 16 apps

          Let's face it. If it runs on windows, it's LEGACY! What Microsoft needs to do is put Android on their tablets and just forget about all that terrible legacy crap software.
          • It's no more legacy than any other OS....

            Many of us want the benefit of secure apps with traditional PC functions. Next time you get swindled out of $100,000 give it a thought (ok it might not happen to you) ALL financial stuff HAS to go secure/sandboxed apps at some point just to put the control back into the institutions; they pay for the breaches as it is, and have to be in a position to control that. So... given that... what is so wrong with MS philosophy apart from you don't like it/them? Look beyond your blinkers and see the world as some of us have to. I hate APple philosophy and tie-in but I still buy it when it makes sense (ipad mini for home use, iphone for home apps, apple TV to give me airplay for IOS and Android gizmos), Doesn't stop me keeping Android tablet for travel (USB, SD, keyboard and mouse support) or Blackberry torch for work (isn't it great when a touch device works for three days on a single charge).

            ps Given that Android devices are largely stuck with the version it's delivered with (maybe plus 1 upgrade) who is really looking to go down that route as a supported path? I might hate Apple tie-in but any clown can see that IOS is way more sustainable and supportable than Android. Gimme a break!
          • Really?

            Have you tried upgrading a first generation iPad with iOS 6? In less than two years, the device could no longer be upgraded!
          • Really??

            There is a reason why they (apple) do not allow that to happen, because IOS 6 is designed with a specific set of processor and hardware requirements, how can you expect this new functionality to be usable on older devices...

            IT is the same as Google not supporting its applications on IE 7 and below in windows!!
          • yeah, but what's the better investment?

            With Windows 8 you can rock a tablet, hybrid, laptop or ultrabook for years and still receive updates. For crying out loud we still have people running windows XP after 12 years. Try that with your Android or IOS device..
          • yeah, but what's the better investment?

            Windows XP is stull running 12 years later because it's on a PC not a tablet...
            Tablets have finite hardware and finite batteries... PC's can be hardware upgraded...
            Remember, in about 3 years, most of the tablets on the market will either need new batteries (which may or may not be replaceable...) or need to be constantly plugged in to work.
            Chimera Obscura
          • Tablet PC

            Errr... I'm using WinXP on a Fujitsu Stylistic 5112st. Its a tablet. Its a PC. Its running WinXP.
          • The same argument

            The same argument can be made for Android and IPads. You show no superiority in your statement over Windows 8. I can however attach my Lenovo IdeaTab to a multi terabyte external drive. can you do that with an Ipad?

            +1 Windows 8 tablet.
          • Not exactly...

            Android on a desktop or laptop would be as stupid an idea as Windows 8 is on anything.
          • Driver Signage

            Whats the advantage? You can connect an external drive to a windows machine? WOW! I can do that with an android and not have to worry about whether or not the drivers were signed.
          • External hard drive on Android ???

            jarednorris says,
            "You can connect an external drive to a windows machine? WOW! I can do that with an android ..."
            Please tell me to which Android device you can connect an external hard drive. All the Android devices I'm aware of do not have USB sockets other than for connection to a dektop or laptop when the Android device behaves as an external hard drive, i.e. as a slave device, but NOT as a master device which would be necessary for an external hard drive. Yes, many Android devices can have 'external' storage in the form of memory cards, but not, I think, hard drives.
          • Only for the device perception impaired

            Nor would I want to. Only the most nerdly geek would want to totally missing the device point as usual.
          • Monopoly

            Apple = One product (iPad ), one manufacturer, one OS , closed OS, -> easiest to update !!(from apple)

            Windows = many manufacturers, one OS , closed OS -> easy to update (from MS)

            Android = many manufacturers, open OS that is altered by (lazy)vendors for their machines -> dificult update (google updates , the vendors have to do their own updates for the customer to finally recieve - hence delay or not at all)
          • No more Windows XP

            After this year Microsoft is DROPPING Windows XP support - so now we have find another OS software that works similar to an XP.
          • There is an answer for your XP Dilema...Windows 8.1

            Grow up like your software has already done, quit whining like a 7 yr old. Windows 8.1 can be just like XP or Win 7 in desktop mode. Get with the program you stubborn fool.
          • Nah

            I have a Dell Windows 8 tablet going on 2 years old and is still strong. I have some old iPods and iPhones going on 5 years old and they still work. I have many laptops with original batteries that are well over 5 years that still hold a charge. Depending on the technology, the usage, and the charging cycles, they'll likely last longer than 3 years. And even if you're correct, battery technology is fairly consistent. If that was a problem, it would affect other devices beyond just Windows.
          • Your right, and peoople want that, a lot. Its a given.

            What you speak of is THE very thing that has driven PC sales lower and lower, because the OS they have used for years can be constantly security and even feature updated for years, like XP was, and they can continue to use older hardware for a very long long time now. We know for a fact the public loves this as that's exactly what they have been doing with PC's for a few years now and to a large degree will continue to do so unless and until there is some new PC hardware breakthrough that provides for a brand new "must have" hardware based capability.

            So yes, without a doubt, long term usability and upgrading of an existing OS is an absolute must have killer feature that many in the public and the workplace have learned to actually depend on.