10 Android apps for back to school

10 Android apps for back to school

Summary: Summer is drawing to a close and that means getting back to school. Using an Android phone or tablet can help once back on campus and these will certainly do the job.


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  • 10 Android apps for back to school

    Back to School 2013

    What to buy a new college student

    What to buy a new college student

    It's that time of year again -- but what tools, gadgets and apps are useful or necessary for starting college?

    Whether a student or the parent of one, that frenzied time just before the start of a school year is here. If your student has an Android phone and/or tablet, that can help keep ahead of studies for even the heaviest of course loads.

    Good apps can sometimes make the difference between getting that assignment finished on time or not. This collection of Android apps are designed with the student in mind, and some can be of benefit to everyone.

    There are apps in this collection to keep track of assignments and for planning, some for reference, and even one that makes recording lectures nice and easy.

    Many of these apps are free, and none of them cost more than a buck or two.

    Note that some of these apps are also available for the iPhone/iPad, so multi-platform families can often settle on one app for all.

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  • Studious

    This app lets the student get in firm control of the school calendar. It also has a notes section for taking notes and keeping them organized.

    One of the coolest features of Studious, which perhaps will be the most important depending on the student, is the ringer killer. The app will automatically silence the ringer of the phone/tablet while in class to avoid embarrassing interruptions.

    From the developer:


    - Silence your phone in class

    - Remind you when homework and tests are due

    - Save notes

    Price: Free

    Download: From Google Play Store 

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