10 awesome laptop bags for geeks

10 awesome laptop bags for geeks

Summary: Love Retro? Love unusual laptop bags? How about one of these geeky gear holders?


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  • Laptop Bag That Transforms Into a Chair & Desk

    Created by Nick+Beau. Laptop bag that unfolds into a workstation for truly mobile use

    Credit: Design Taxi

  • Coloured floppy disk bag

    Hand crafted reused floppy disks made into a bag with adjustable webbing straps

    Credit: Etsy

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  • Yeah, but what do they wheigh?

    some look pretty bulky, too
    William Farrel
    • weigh

      WHERE is that edit button???
      William Farrel
  • backwards

    Whoever made the retro player bag may have been too young. The tracks on a vinyl disk went counter clockwise. So the arm would have been on the other side.

    Or I'm too old...
    • This is a special model

      That bag was inspired by a special record player that was specifically for decoding secret backwards messages in Beatles records. Unfortunately, that model was never put into production because nobody invented it.
      Garrett Williams
  • 9 Laptop Bags

    The Nick+Beau Chair/Desk is on there twice.
  • This is a special model shop

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