10 excellent iPhone and iPad gadgets and accessories

10 excellent iPhone and iPad gadgets and accessories

Summary: Looking to spice up your iPhone or iPad while waiting for the next revision to come out of Cupertino? Give some of these gadgets and accessories a try!


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  • Awesome

    When your phone gives out right in the middle of that critical conference call in which you were *this close* to sealing a $10,000,000 deal, you'll be sooooo glad you sucked 20 minutes out of your iPhone battery waving that little fan over your face.
    • Silly rabbit iToys are for kids

      Not $10,000,000 deals...
  • Don't your read reviews of the products you show before recommending them?

    More than half of these items are poorly rated by users. Some of the rest are a waste of reading time or have been available for years.

    The Vuzix, for example, have video quality like some first presentation video projectors and the screen looks much farther away than 3 m. Their new 720 version with better screen is $500! Now your up in the range where you can find some real good products.