10 geeky things to do in space

10 geeky things to do in space

Summary: Ever wondered how to dissolve an antacid tablet in space? Have a look at these cool activities you could do in orbit.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • (Image: Reel NASA)

    Create vortices

  • (Image: Benwl)

    Open a can of honey

  • (Image: Video From Space)

    Cook spinach

Topic: Nasa / Space

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  • Seltzer tablet & washcloth are amazing...

    Also, this format sucks...
  • I agree

    I loved the videos, but with videos as opposed to still frames, it would have been better to have all ten videos on one page. Also, a short written description, to help decide which ones to watch first.
  • Don't forget Angry Birds Space ... IN SPACE

    Thanks to Don Pettit, Rovio got the most expensive free advertisement for a video game ever.

    Then again, if a game reaches more kids and teaches them about orbital mechanics and gets them interested in STEM careers, more power to 'em.


    Search YouTube for "Don Pettit" and "Chris Hadfield" and you'll get lots more like these videos.

    My favorite, as a fellow Yo-Yo-ist:

    • For some practice with real orbital mechanics . . .

      For some practice with real orbital mechanics - try Kerbal Space Program =).