10 good apps for the Kindle Fire HDX

10 good apps for the Kindle Fire HDX

Summary: There are not as many apps for the Kindle Fire HDX as there are for Android tablets but these are some good ones. They should work on most Android tablets, too.


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  • The Kindle Fire HDX doesn’t have access to the Google Play Store for Android. Owners must shop for apps in the Amazon App Store. It doesn’t have as big a selection as the Google store, but there are thousands to choose from.

    This collection was assembled with that in mind, and all apps here are available in the Amazon store. They’ve all been tested on a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and should work on any Kindle Fire HDX. They should work on most Android tablets and some may be available in the Google Play Store.

    Each app adds utility to the Kindle Fire HDX at little or no cost. There is an app to organize the Kindle Fire HDX and another that is a simple notepad when jotting quick notes would be useful.

    These aren’t the only good apps in the Amazon App Store but are tried and true in daily use. If you have your own favorite app for the Kindle Fire HDX share it in the comments below.

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  • CalenGoo

    The Calendar app preloaded on the Kindle Fire HDX is pretty good, but this app is gorgeous and better. It can work with the native Android calendar on the Kindle and also with Google Calendar.

    It is highly customizable to get the look and feel desired, and the calendar screens can use pinch and zoom to get to the details.

    It’s $5.99 in the Amazon store

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