10 good Windows 8 apps (Summer 2014)

10 good Windows 8 apps (Summer 2014)

Summary: The Microsoft Store is getting more Windows 8 apps all the time. These ten apps may have slipped under your radar.


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Topics: Mobility, Apps, Tablets, Windows 8

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  • AppSwitch

    Looks like a good one. Would have been very useful during by W8 tablet foray!
    • I must confess I left windows mobile

      But still, change the title! '8 gems of windows mobile' or sum such, not 'look, there are 8 good apps, honest!'

      I loved the battery life of windows phone 8, initially I liked the UI. Unfortunately after 6 months the novelty faded, and I couldn't put my finger in it, I just didn't 'love it', it felt like a tool still, not my phone.
  • Bins

    Why does the screen shot of Bins show a Windows 7 start button?
    • Works on Win 7 too

      Works the same
    • why need Bins?

      Did you know windows already does folders on the taskbar?
      You just create a toolbar on a folder and drop whatever shortcut, file, link in it. You can even drop multi level sub folders and cascade it like a start menu.
      In fact, I use a toolbar on start menu folder in win8 to get my start menu without a 3rd party app.
  • Best Modern App... Cocktail Flow

    If you like mixing drinks, Cocktail Flow is great. Even if you don't like drinks, the app itself shows that you don't have to build Modern apps that are blocky and lifeless.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • Not much interest....

    I'm surprised that there are so few comments on this after 24 hours. Does tht reflect the lack of interest in Windows 8 apps?
    Chimera Obscura
  • Photoshop Epress

    I, too love my Asus T100...but cannot find the Photoshop Express for Windows 8. Has it been discontinued?
  • 8 examples of why I hate metro

    Other than what Photoshop Express could have been, those are 7 examples of apps that have no business wasting the whole screen for minimal functionality. RT = ResTricted functionality. As windows yeah maybe their limited functionality would be worth having - but huge full screen wasting. No thanks. Not worth it.