10 great things coming to Apple iOS 8 you can do now on your Android smartphone

10 great things coming to Apple iOS 8 you can do now on your Android smartphone

Summary: Apple introduced iOS 8 and while the improvements should please iPhone users, many features are also very familiar to Android users.


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  • Predictive text comes to iOS 8

    We have seen the pattern of Apple taking what has been done with Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry before and making it more refined with iOS 8. With Google I/O just around the corner it will be interesting to see what Google does with Android now that iOS 8 is adding in many features present in current Android smartphones.

    CNET: WWDC 2014 full coverage

    Copying what others have done and making it better is fine with me. I do it with landscaping and home decor at my house, as well as when designing new ships that improve over the existing vessel. Here is a list of 10 features or functions that you can use now on your Android smartphone that you will soon be able to use with an iPhone running iOS 8. You can also check the associated screenshot gallery of these functions from my Android smartphone.

    1. Predictive text: I use an iPad Mini, but thought iOS already had predictive text. After trying out the keyboard, I see it does auto correction of the current word, but doesn't offer up good alternatives. Various Android keyboards do this now and Windows Phone has done it amazingly well for a few years. Welcome to the party Apple.
    2. Alternative keyboards, including Swype: I am personally a fan of swiping keyboards on my smartphones and like that Android manufacturers now all include this in their own keyboards while also supporting third party keyboards. Windows Phone 8.1 added swiping too and has one of the best native keyboards I have ever tried.
    3. Actionable notifications: Apple finally introduced a decent notification system in iOS 5 and with iOS 8 they added the ability to actually take action from them within the notification area. I rarely used notifications on my iPhone 5s because they were just for viewing so imagine I would use them more if they were more like Android.
    4. Wi-Fi Calling: T-Mobile has a fabulous service where you can use your Wi-Fi signal to supplement your cellular service. This is particularly helpful in homes and businessess where Wi-Fi is generally quite strong and interior cellular signals are weak. One reason I purchase phones from T-Mobile is to get access to this Wi-Fi Calling capability so this eliminates another barrier to iPhone use for me.
    5. Hey Siri: The ability to launch Google Now on Android via voice is convenient, especially on the Moto X that has this capability even when the display is off.
    6. Battery usage by app: The ability to check which apps you are using the most or which ones are draining your battery is pretty convenient
    7. Instant burst mode: Android smartphones integrate burst mode in different ways, usually by holding down the capture button to collect a continuous stream of photos.
    8. Timer in camera: People use their smartphones for photos, many of us don't even use a point-and-shoot, so having the ability to setup a timer shot is pretty helpful. I cannot believe Apple did not already have this in iOS though.
    9. Sharing to other services: It is very helpful to share photos and other pieces of data with various services and we will finally see this functionality open up to developers in iOS 8.
    10. ICE card: Not every Android has this helpful contact preloaded on their device, but it is very well done on the Sony Xperia Z2.

    There are likely many more functions and features that we will see appear in iOS 8 that we use now with Android and Windows Phone, but will have to wait until the developer bits arrive to fully check them out.

    What else from Android would you like to see appear in iOS? With the mobile operating systems all starting to look the same, will that help or hurt the more expensive iPhone sales?

  • You will soon be able to use Swype or Swiftkey

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  • How about an article on iOS features coming to Android

    I'm sure some Galaxy S and Tab users would love the new Apple continuity feature. When are they getting it?
    • Careful!!

      Or you'll incur the wrath of the mighty Fandriods. Good point though. Also when are Google going to do something about the malware that is rife, right across the Andriod App Store? Pass me my shotgun, it's like the Wild West out there Grandpa!
      • They just admitted Android IS better

        Thats 10 things that Android does... Iphone does not.

        Like I always said, using an Iphone is nice... though you are always behind the leading edge of the good stuff.
        • Only in your dreams

          With a list like

          "1) Predictive text comes to iOS 8"

          Predictive text was in iOS 1
          Henry 3 Dogg
          • Wake up! read!

            Item 1 stated that IOS does have it, but Android does it "... amazingly well..."

            the author clearly admits Android IS better!
          • Learn to read yourself

            The title of the article is "Things coming to Apple iOS8…".
            In addition, the author makes no claim that Android does it better than the model coming to iOS8.
            Further, it should not be lost on any reader who knows what they're talking about that MOST of the items in this silly article were not even mentioned in the Keynote; that's how important they are in the scheme of things. I.e., not much.
          • comparison.

            Widgets... on android, anywhere, on apple, only in notifications.
            Actionable notifications, on android and apple much the same.. but been in android for long before apple even had a notifications drop down. (or up)

            Siri will listen without being started only while plugged into power. on android google now will listen all the time regardless.

            Android has had a crazy number of different keyboards since version 1.5 apple has had one keyboard that didnt' even change the keys from smalls to caps when you it the caps button.. they have a long way to catch up.

            I could go on.. but suffice it to say that right now, these new features are not as complete as the ones they are copying on android.. there just isn't any arguing with that because the specs say it all.
          • Nonsense

            First, NOTHING you wrote has ANY relevance to them being "complete", just differences in implementation. Second, again, most of the things mentioned in this article were not even mentioned in the Keynote, as they were considered insignificant. Because they are. And the the extend that they were, they were glossed over and did not hold any place of prominence. Take third party keyboards. They rated no more than a SINGLE sentence in the Keynote, a parenthetical one at that. That you blow this up to find something or relevance is telling.
          • defend the hive!

            Wow, could you try and defend the hive a little harder?
          • Could you troll any harder?

            Go away.
      • if by malware you mean programs that people sideload and ignore the warning

        Android is very secure.. there are no self replicating viruses or any of the other stuff that made windows antivirus vendors so rich.

        The only attach vector for Android is the user.. convince the user to sideload the app, convince the user to ignore the card game that requests the ability to send SMS messages and access the sdcard.

        Android is actually very secure, but lots of users are idiots who think you can trust anonymous content thieves on the net handing out pirated apps. as far as I am concerned they deserve what they get.

        as for bad apps in the market, that has happened to windows phone and Apple too.. nothing new there except that Google can remove dodgy apps they find from peoples phones if they have to.
        • Please list all the AppStore apps this has "happened to".

    • Because of Google cloud first mantra

      You can already do this. If you start an email in gmail, or a doc in Docs (etc), they are always backed up straight to the cloud and accessible on the over devices straight away.

      Now, I'm not sure of the details of continuity, but does it work when off line (but on the same WLAN, or via bluetooth)?
      • Yep, a strength and weakness

        it happens off the local wifi network... so you lose the capability if you have wifi turned off on your phone, or if you go to pick up the work later when you're off your home network.

        On the other hand, you're not dependent on bandwidth from the cloud.
        • Presumably you're likely to have an icloud backup

          If you wanted to pick up at work, or other location?

          Now, being offline does appear to be less of an issue here in the UK, than North America.
          Probably due to the size difference, and the fact that we tend to only take international flights, rather than domestic.
          But you have to try to be out of a wifi zone here, every train, tube, cafe, bank, bar, even strip joints have wifi, and BT Openzones litter the country..........
          • Yeah docs would be up to date

            But you wouldn't keep session state in Safari, for instance.
    • Why

      I looked through all the features of Continuity and did not see anything that I would use. This sounds like Siri, when it was released there were people in the office using this all the time, playing really. I have not seen someone use it in a long while, mostly because it got things wrong about 10% of the time which it really has to be 99% for people not to be frustrated (not a dig on Siri, all the voice features have the same issue).
      Rann Xeroxx
    • Apple needs the continuity feature

      Because they can't simply "I'll bluetooth it to you" file transfer.
      iOS doesn't even want to know what a "file" is, and "transfer" is a dirty word in the Apple dictionary.
  • Well...

    That didn't take long...
  • What I hope I never see on the iPhone.

    That messy interface and all those icons lined up along the top.