10 improvements for the iPad available in Apple iOS 6

10 improvements for the iPad available in Apple iOS 6

Summary: iOS 6 comes on the new iPhone 5, but can also be installed for free on the Apple iPad. Check out 10 featured improvements in this iPad screenshot gallery

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPad

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  • Apple iOS 6 Maps is one of the most controversial new features. I have found it to work fairly well for me and I enjoy the new 3D Flyover functionality not seen to this level of detail in Google Maps. The turn-by-turn is handy, when correct, and it beats having to pay for a dedicated offline GPS navigation solution.

  • I used Siri primarily for creating reminders, but am already finding this iOS 6 version more useful as I create reminders and calendar appointments, check on my sports scores, create notes, and more. 

  • Facebook integration: Similar to how iOS 5 added Twitter share integration, iOS 6 adds Facebook integration so you can share to your social network.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPad

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  • Here is my list

    1. Notifications - Do Not Disturb feature
    2. Improved Siri - wasn't available for iPad in the last iteration.
    3. Facetime over Cellular Data. I use Facetime scarcely and use Skype more, but definitely this improvement is welcome.
    4. Email - almost close to the mail app of Windows 8. Still needs some more maturity, but it is getting there.
    5. iCloud Tabs - like you mentioned.
    6. Offline reading facility of Safari and its Sync.
    Ram U
  • Sorry, I don't do ZDNet galleries

    All the flashing and scrolling in ZDNet galleries riles up my epilepsy. Get some decent gallery technology and I'll be happy to take a look.
  • Apple Maps?

    You seem to be the only person in the world that Apple Maps works for.
    • Apple Maps?

      For the most part Maps works for me although the Pin should be on top of my house not on the walking Trail or the road. But Google got this wrong too. But in Google earth you could move it to right place. and you can see the street through the walking trail Bridge which should be solid. I do notice all the friends and relatives if have in Google Earth are where they are supposed to be. The 3D viewing doesn't wow me.
  • The ONE thing I like to know:

    If someone sends you a meeting request through Outlook/Exchange, and posts a meeting agenda with some formatting (a table layout primarily) in the meeting description, does it get to you all garbled like it did in the first iPad, or did this improve?

    In my experience the e-mail experience still has been too weak to replace a regular PC running Outlook. (Not to mention Word/Excel of course, but that's a limitation I'm more likely to accept as inevitable)
    Han CNX
    • Why would any self respecting human

      Promote the simian garbage known as Outlook? If you looked at the 1,000 monkeys banging on 1,000 keyboards tho write it. You'd stop using it, in favor of a less proprietary solution.
      Troll Hunter J
      • Outlook

        Because many large offices and corporations use Exchange, and 90% of employees don't care if Outlook is proprietary.
      • How very helpful...

        How was this comment helpful to the discussion? To the above poster's point, the vast majority of the country's large corporations and businesses use Outlook servers.

        My next question is, of course, which email solution would be LESS proprietary? I can already see you salivating for the opportunity to showcase the one instance where Apple can be called more open than someone else.... well, at least until we really talk about the OS, the power cables, the apps, iTunes, etc...

        Apple has made a career out of being proprietary... though I honestly don't know how many monkees they have coding.

        To find a less proprietary solution, you would probably have to start by selling your iPad.
        • Back on topic...

          None of those 10 features of iOS6 seems compelling, let alone killer. So I can now relax, use my iPad just as before, and forget about any notion of retiring my Win7 laptop.
      • Why would any self respecting human

        Promote the simian garbage known as Troll Hunter J? If you looked at 1,000 monkeys banging on 1,000 keyboards to write replies, you'd still look at him as the lowest common denominator of the group.

        William Farrel
      • You mean less propriety like Apple?

        A Gray
      • Not a business user, eh?

        Your view is somewhat tilted toward the fantastic. Outlook serves the office well, along with the rest of Office Suite in varied flavors. I am not a fan of the newer versions with the Ribbon, but functionally speaking Outlook and the other applications making up MS Office are excellent for doing business in the real world. I don't like having to pay so much, but the free office suites leave me and the folks I support wanting for something more compatible and familiar.

        By the way, I have a relative who is apparently one of those monkeys who used to code for Microsoft. I am pretty sure he is smarter than anybody posting on this forum, and probably than anybody who works for or contributes to ZDNET. So, monkeyware is fine by me.
      • Must not work in the corporate world

        Based on your comment I would assume that you've never worked in the corporate world. You don't get to pick and choose what software that you use, it is chosen for you. The fact of the matter is most corporations, for better or worse, use Outlook.

        So stick that in your primate pipe and smoke it.
  • Great Write Up

    After reading and covering all the negative about iOS 6 since Saturday, it was refreshing to read something that had a positive spin. The guided access is a huge improvement for blind and seeing impaired. Thanks for this...
  • Amazing how much in iOS 6 was copied

    From maps to "do not disturb" to photo streams to Facebook integration, all copied from Microsoft WP7. Oh, and clocks copied from the Swiss.

    "Good artists copy, great artists steal." - Steve Jobs
  • These buildings

    Are these gas stations on the roofs? Because this is what iOS Map claims (at least in Texas).
    I think iOS6 can take any prize for stand up comedian if allowed. Good work!
  • Nays Outweigh the Yeahs

    1 Maps - ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! Better? Hhahahahahahahaha ..... Breath . Hahahaha
    2 Siri - better but still beta - cant do a lot I need and I hate reworking a command
    3 FB - yes
    4 DND - about time
    5 Clock - so so.... Prefer digital and more layout options
    6 FaceTime - don't use it as most folks I call don't have an iDevice. Then there is AT&T ......
    7 Safari - cant change the default browser so any improvement is a plus
    8 Mail - WTF are my Gmail contact? Had to do an Exchange to get them - call that a step back. And when I synced them into iCloud - yup, iOS screwed them up again. Sigh.......
    9 Photo Sharing - might be okay but I will stick with DropBox for now.
    10 G Access - don't use but any improvement there is always a welcome.

    So, seeing more No's than Yes's. at this point I would not rate iOS6 on my iPad 2 anything other than a buggy upgrade.
    • how can you do Siri on your iPad 2?

      that is news to me. I have seen it working on iPad 3 only. I haven't seen it on iPad 2 with iOS 6. I am puzzled.
      Ram U
      • Chuckle. +1

        Thx Rama!
        I should have said New iPad (wife's).
        Appreciate the catch!
        • No worries.

          +1. Great list though.
          Ram U