10 iPad apps for back to school

10 iPad apps for back to school

Summary: The summer is almost over and for students that means it will be soon time to get back to school. Those carrying iPads back to to the hallowed halls of academia should look at these apps.

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  • My Gradebook for Student Grades and Homework

    Those wanting to keep close watch on their grades while having the ability to track assignments may find this app to be just the ticket. It has a very simple visual interface that makes it easy to enter assigments and grades on the fly.

    My Gradebook works with Dropbox cloud storage to keep all data backed up and protected.

    From the developer:

    ✔ Assignment Tracking

    Stay on top of your school assignments using My GradeBook assignment tracking. View all your assignments on a calendar or in lists by course. Mark assignments as not done, completed or graded and sort by due date or status to keep track of which to do next. Add extra credit and reading assignments, too!

    ✔ Grade Reporting

    My GradeBook calculates your course grades for you based on the assignments you enter. View your semester and overall GPA's, precisely calculated based on both courses you are currently tracking with My GradeBook and courses you took previously. View grades by assignment category to better assess where your strengths and weaknesses are.

    ✔ Fully Customizable

    My GradeBook handles weighted (percentage-based) and standard (points-based) grading systems. You can tailor the app to the grade style of each individual course using the grade-scale and categories options. If you are having trouble setting up your course to match your teachers grade system please contact support for help.

    ✔ Easy to Use, Beautiful Interface

    My GradeBook's intuitive interface is simple to learn and quick to use. You can add assignments in bulk with the multi-add feature to help save you time typing. You can even customize the app with your favorite theme color to help keep school fun!

    ✔ Never Lose Your Data

    Backup your data using Dropbox, a free file-hosting service. It's quick to sign up for and once you link your account, the app will auto-backup every week.

    Price: $0.99

    Download: From the iTunes Store

  • Study Aid

    Many students like to use flash cards to help study for exams and this app makes it easy to create them. The flash cards can be customized in appearance to a form that works best for the particular student.

    Once the flash cards are created the Study Aid app presents them in the best way to test the student.

    From the developer:

    - Easily Alter the font and font size for your cards

    - Change the text color for questions / answers (affects all questions or all answers)

    - Change the background color

    - Flip Questions and Answers (useful for vocabulary!)

    - Embed HTML in cards.

    - Use with an external display (requires iPad and VGA Dock connector) (version 2.1 or higher)

    - Search through your cards. (version 2.1 or higher)

    Price: $1.99

    Download: From the iTunes Store

  • Kno Textbooks

    In this digital age there is no need to carry those huge, bulky course textbooks. Kno Textbooks is an app that provides access to over 200,000 textbooks (which must be purchased).

    Once the textbook is bought the iPad is used to access it much like the paper versions, with some advantages. The books can be searched, a powerful feature, and many have multimedia content to aid the learning process.

    Students can import PDF documents for use right in the app.

    From the publisher:

    · Enhanced Content: Watch videos, interact with 3D models and simulations, or access web links to see your books come to life.

    · Advanced Search: Your textbooks with a search engine. Find the answer faster by searching through all your Kno content.

    · Journal: Your personal study guide instantly created from your highlights, notes, and bookmarks.

    · Flashcards: Flashcards are automatically created from the glossary for easy review (only available in some books).

    · Kno Me: One stop, personal study dashboard that enables you to track your learning engagement, a leading indicator of learning success.

    · PDF Reader: Import your PDFs from the web, email or Dropbox, all-in-one place.

    · Social Sharing: Save time by exchanging your notes and highlights with classmates with the click of a button.

    Price: Free (Textbooks purchased in app)

    Download: From the iTunes Store

Topics: Mobility, Apps, iPad

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  • MagicalPad can be a great addition to your list

    My I suggest MagicalPad, it is flexible app for school that does outlining, mind mapping and of course note taking. great way to organize your thoughts or take structured notes for exams.
    MagicalPad Freeform Notes