10 made-in-Asia Android apps for biz

10 made-in-Asia Android apps for biz

Summary: Everyone is familiar with Dropbox and Evernote, but we spotlight 10 other Android apps workers will find useful in completing their business tasks.

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  • 1. EasyMoney Expense Manager by Handy Apps (Singapore)
    Price: Free

    Essentially an expenditure tracker, this app helps employees keep track of their work-related bill payments, plan their budgets, and act as a checkbook register.

  • 2. Jorte Calendar by Johospace (Japan)
    Price: Free

    A personal organizer and calendar app which features an interface designed to resemble and function like its paper counterpart. Important events can be displayed in red, calendar display styles can be changed, and syncing with Google Calendar means no more missed appointments.

Topics: Apps, Android

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  • Don't forget

    Don't forget Kingsoft Office (a Chinese company). While it's missing a few key features (like bulletted lists) this is probably the nicest looking Office suite on Android. And it is being regularly updated. In its current state it stacks up well against the other Android office suites in terms of features. If they continue their regular update cycle it should soon surpass them. Also it's free! I've got no idea what Kingsoft's ultimate business plan is, (maybe they are hoping Android users of Kingsoft Office will gravitate to their paid office suite for Windows?) but for now, at least, you don't have to pay for their Android app.