10 must-have accessories for your tablet

10 must-have accessories for your tablet

Summary: If you are one of the millions of tablet owners or plan to give one as a gift, don't miss these good accessories to get the most use out of it.


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Topics: Mobility, Android, iPad, Samsung, Tablets, Windows 8

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  • May I suggest an external speaker substitution?

    The first generation Logitech UE 984-000298 Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone (Black Grill/Black) is still being sold at Amazon for just under 70 dollars.

    I have this Bluetooth speaker and it works well with my Surface Pro along with all my Apple Tablets. It has held up well and it's audio quality (which earned it universal praise from reviewers) is outstanding, IMO.

    It's small size and light weight make it an ideal travel companion.
    • LG's docking station / Bluetooth speakers are great

      Great sound for the size and the docking charger is a huge plus.
  • One more!

    On Indiegogo, called Scudo, it's for people who have iPads with integrated keyboard covers (like the Zagg). Made from real Ultrasuede, it keeps the screen clean and from getting permanently scratched by the keys during travel. For notebooks, too. $10!

  • Second vote for the Logitech UE 984...

    When my spouse and I want to watch a movie in private, or listen to our music rather than the youngster's, we use this to increase the sound on whichever Surface is being used to deliver the content. It also works with my daughter's iDevice when she has friends over. Sound quality is excellent and think of all the other neat things you can buy with the $120 you didn't spend on the Bose offering. Then there is the cheap CVS ($19.99 plus tax) that I usually carry in my bag for presentations or when traveling. It offers 'okay' sound reproduction but works well with voice and, at the price, I don't get upset if I forget to pack it up or if it gets 'lost'. It can be recharged with any micro-USB charger, plugged into the USB port of the Surface, or plugged into any standard mini-stereo receptacle such as an earbud port if your device doesn't support Bluetooth.
    The Heretic
  • An origami case ....

    will easily replace a few items in the list

    I got a rooCASE Origami case and it is amazing how handy the simplistic design approach is.
  • hit the links

    I love the bose soundlink II, I can only imagine the soundlink mini would be just as great, just a smaller footprint.
  • Mareware "Axis" for Kindle

    I have a 7" Kindle Fire HD and this case (about $45) does everything I could ever think of wanting a case to do - and then some. Soft padded black leather with an elastic strap which keeps it closed; and then on opening, one folds the case top behind (securing with the strap) and there is a comfortable 'hand strap' for mobile use in portrait mode - a very thoughtful touch. One attaches the Kindle to its custom base; which swivels 360 degrees.
    If the case fully opened, it would be in 3 sections. A 'base' section into which the Kindle is attached into a perfectly molded unobtrusive holder; again, this holder swivels 360. This 'base' section then folds onto the 'case back' section; and then the 'case front' section, whose inside contains the aforementioned hand strap as well as the grooves permitting the case to work as a stand, in either portrait or landscape positions. In side view, the case would appear as a triangle being used as a stand.
    Extremely well designed and ergonomic, high quality construction. HIghly recommended for any Kindle Fire owner.
  • Tablet Stand

    The Z3 Tablet Stand by RATstands!

    You should try it...Fully Flexible, 360 degree screen rotation, adjustable height and comes in black and silver!