10 Nexus 7 apps for the writer

10 Nexus 7 apps for the writer

Summary: Small tablets like the Nexus 7 are not designed for heavy duty writing but can easily step up in a pinch. Having the right apps and utilities is key to make this work and these 10 apps turn the Nexus 7 into a real writer's machine.


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  • Chrome

    The Chrome browser isn't just for writers but it is the best mobile browser on any platform.

    The ability to instantly open any web site currently open on other devices is a particularly useful feature for writers.


  • Evernote

    Research is an essential part of the writing process and Evernote is as good as anything for capturing information. 

    Captured information can be text, photos, images, voice notes, and even web clippings.

    Evernote has a full rich text editor for creating complex documents on the go.

    The Nexus 7 version takes full advantage of the tablet screen with the sliding panes.


  • Flipboard

    This app is a great way for following the news and social networking that is important for you.

    It learns over time what you like and the topical information it presents is right on point.


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  • Hmm

    If it is good for reading then it should be good for writing as well.
  • typing is fun

    I actually enjoy thumb typing on the 7" nexus in portrait mode. Its the perfect size for that. I really enjoy typing on a nice full keyboard too, but was surprised touchscreen typing could be not bad too.

    After using a good 7" tablet, I now do not like the 10" size which feels klunky. Yes at first the 10" was nice but then you only compared to a laptop.
  • Quick Office Pro HD not compatible with Nexus 7

    Quick Office Pro HD only works with tablets 10" and over.
    Quick Office or Quick Office Pro will both work with the Nexus 7.
    • corrected

      You are correct and it has been changed. I own both Pro and Pro HD for the larger tablets and forgot the smaller Nexus 7 only ran Pro.
      • Kingsoft Office

        kingsoft office is easily found in the google play store amd is free and works with Google cloud and cloud print. Handles all the major Microsoft office docs but has a better ui than, say, OpenOffice Suite does for PC. When used with DropBox, things can even get fun. I'm still a noob, so maybe I'll learn the need for the paid app one day. Until then...
        Danny Cannon
  • quid of dictation apps ?

    What about apps like Dragon Naturally Speaking ? is there any compatibility ? That would be awesome.
    • Voice Input is Part of Jelly Bean

      The voice input capability that is built in to Jelly Bean works very nicely, both online and off. No need to spend money for after-market apps in this area.
      • even for french ?

        great then - but i hope the french version will be as reliable as the english seems to be - i was quite satisfied with DNSpeaking 11. Time will tell !
  • Google Drive

    It's surprising that Drive doesn't come already installed on Google devices.
    big red one
  • Google Drive

    Perhaps I have just forgotten in the few weeks I have owned a Nexus 7, but as far as I can remember, Google Drive was always there. It also supports off-line reading of documents, which is quite handy when no Wi-Fi is available.

    One of the attractions of a Nexus for a user of Google services is that everything works together out of the box, just as iTunes/OS X/iOS interaction is an attractive feature for Apple users.
  • The Usual Suspects

    James' list includes many of the usual suspects, but after trying them several times, I still do not "get" Evernote and Flipboard. The former does nothing that I see a need for a specific app, and I have always found the user interface of Flipboard to be horrible. Getting rid of my Evernote account was an exercise in frustration, nearly as difficult as trying to decommission a Facebook account.

    The fact that the new Chrome for Android is touted by so many people as the best browser available for tablets is a sad commentary on the state of tablet browsers, as it's a pale shadow of the real thing.
    • new chrome is bad?

      You forgot to to tell us your solution. You present the problem, but anyone who can complain is able to do so. You forgot to recommend a better browser. Please, which browser do you recommend? The unstable Firefox beta with flash? Opera? Please advise. What am I missing?
      Danny Cannon
  • Handwriting on the Nexus 7 - 7notes

    Personally I prefer writing freehand into my Nexus 7 with a stylus, and 7notes [name is a perfect coincidence] is the ideal app for this. Beats the pants off Windows HWR, which was the best on the market until this came along. With 7notes and a portable keyboard, the Nexus 7 truly is the perfect mobile writing device for any situation.
    Paul Mackintosh