10 tech things we didn't know a week ago

10 tech things we didn't know a week ago

Summary: Behind on the news and hungry for more? Here's what we learned this week — including iOS 7.1, Android malware, Google Glass in hospitals, and Congressional hypocrisy.

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  • 9. Samsung phones have a backdoor that can read storage, modem data

    Controversy stirred this week as the developers behind Android-based CyanogenMod claimed to have discovered a backdoor in Samsung's Galaxy devices, which could allow remote viewable access to files and data stored on the popular smartphone and tablet range. It would be an NSA analyst's dream to gain access to these devices, because according to the CyanogenMod's chief developer Paul Kocialkowski said such access would turn the phone into an advanced spying tool.

    Image: CNET

  • 10. Target could've stopped a massive 40 million card data breach, but didn't

    Target's credit card data breach that was uncovered earlier this year may have been the biggest data breach in U.S. history. But, according to a new report, the massive hack could have been prevented. An alert system that was meant to send alarm bells ringing if data was stolen or a hack was detected were not responded to, which led more than 40 million card details and 70 million addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information pouring out of the company's databases.

    Image: Target

Topic: Tech Industry

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