10 tech things we didn't know a week ago

10 tech things we didn't know a week ago

Summary: Behind on the news and hungry for more? Here's what we learned this week — including which city is doing more for tech than Silicon Valley, and Samsung's biggest ally.


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  • 7. As Detroit's tech sector expands, Silicon Valley contracts

    Detroit: home of the U.S. automotive industry, but also home to one of the largest growing tech sectors in North America. Thanks to a larger presence by car-makers at tech trade shows, touting their in-car technology solutions, Detroit is growing larger than Silicon Valley year-over-year. According to a new research study, tech industry employment in metro Detroit is up by 15 percent on the prior year, while Silicon Valley saw a 4 percent decline.

    Image: CNET/CBS Interactive

  • 8. Nobody is quite sure why tech stocks have recently tumbled

    After weeks of sluggish activity in public tech stocks, like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Netflix — ahead of Weibo's initial public offering, Recode this week suggested that the reason was… well, that nobody actually knew. In reality, many companies are doing better year-over-year than during the past month, which has seen some stocks down by double-digits percentage points.

    Image: CNET/CBS Interactive

  • 9. The U.S. created "mesh" networks to help citizens avoid domestic spying

    The U.S. State Dept. funneled $2.8 million to a team of American hackers to help create a "mesh" network in one of the most troubled countries in the Middle East and Africa today, Tunisia, two years after the country saw its own revolution and its government overthrown. The aim of the project was to stop the Tunisian government from accessing citizen data. "It is in my mind one of the great, unreported ironies of the first Obama administration," one former State Dept. official told The New York Times. 

    Image: Wikimedia Commons

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