10 tips and tricks to make your LG G3 even better

10 tips and tricks to make your LG G3 even better

Summary: The LG G3 is arguably the best Android smartphone available today. But there are many advanced software tricks available to improve an already fantastic experience.


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  • The LG G3 is the best Android smartphone available today

    After reviewing the LG G3 a couple week ago, I purchased my own from T-Mobile. I think it is the best Android phone available today, ZDNet's Sandra Vogel does too, and it is cool software tricks like these that make it even more compelling.

    Android manufacturers often provide custom user experiences and we see many people that either love or hate these experiences. I personally am a fan of HTC's Sense UI, but now think LG has provided an optimal UI for those who want to work efficiently and have the ability to create an amazing custom experience.

    Check out my screenshots and further discussion on these awesome functions of the LG G3:

    Advanced functions of the LG G3

    1. Customize Home touch buttons
    2. End calls with the center power button
    3. Launch apps with the back buttons
    4. View and reply to message from within the pop-up
    5. Customize your lock screen and Home screen shortcuts
    6. Change display color contrast
    7. Change thumbnail size in the task switch
    8. Capture a screenshot with the back buttons
    9. Create a collage in the Gallery
    10. Paste things from the Clip Tray

    Image: LG

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  • Customize Home touch buttons

    You can drag and drop what you want to appear on the bottom button bar and even reorder the items to your liking. I love having the notification button down below as I can then use my phone one-handed without having to reach all the way to the top to see my notifications.

    Image: ZDNet

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  • Much appreciated

    Knew some of these and will be trying out the others.
    Appreciate the tips/tricks!
  • The clip tray

    seems quite nice. Not sure any of the other things mentioned will persuade me to upgrade, but it's nice to see choice.

    On a side note, while it's good to see the ZDNet slide show experience has improved recently, they've ruined the experience by having pop-up ads appear when you go to the next image. In most cases the same ad you've already dismissed!