10 tips for better battery life for Android phones

10 tips for better battery life for Android phones

Summary: Battery life on Android phones is better than it used to be but it can still sometimes be a chore to get through a busy day with juice left in the tank. These tips will go a long way to get you safely back to the charger.


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  • How to get more battery life out of Android phones (and tablets)

    In the early days of Android it was a real chore to reach the end of a busy day with battery life left. That's improved over time but it can still sometimes be difficult to get through a busy day without running the battery dry. Frequent business travelers in particular know how important it is to stretch the battery, as traveling can be hard on power usage. The tips in this collection can go a long way to help get through those days and safely back to the phone charger.

    Many of these tips are simply common sense, but they are worth mentioning just in case. Plus, if they aren't mentioned some will wonder why they were overlooked.

    In later versions of Android there is a nice power usage graph as shown above that is accessible via settings. It can help identify culprits that are draining the battery excessively should you notice the remaining battery seems too low.

    These tips are specifically for Android phones, but most other phones likely have similar settings that can be tweaked for similar battery gain.

  • Keep your phone cool

    It's not common knowledge but some folks in the know ensure me that letting the phone get too hot can impact the battery life. I'm told the impact on the battery is particularly noticeable at 95 degrees and above so if you live in a hot climate as I do you'd better keep the phone out of the heat.

    If it's very hot outside you don't want to be walking in the heat with your phone in hand, as that exposes it directly to the heat. Keep the phone in a bag or a pocket as much as possible to keep the battery from taking a hit.

    If you go to a hot place like the beach, don't leave your phone sitting out in the sun as that will surely suck life out of the battery.

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    • Android Market

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  • Use an app

    I tried a few different battery apps, but 'battery doctor' (KS Mobile Inc) stood out with all / most of the above tweaks done via schedules. I can now go for 2.5 days on a single charge with no change in the way I use the mobile.

    I have nothing to do with the company, just a happy user.
  • Third-party apps help

    I use a third-party app that turns off the radios when the phone goes to sleep. It takes only a few seconds for them to come back up when I unlock the phone. Also, the app puts the phone in Airplane mode at night when I'm asleep. My testing with and without the app showed an almost doubling of battery time with the app. There are several apps that do this, but I use 2X Battery.
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  • My Phone lasts all day

    I can use my phone all day and still have battery life left when I am at home without it hitting a charger. And If I need a little extra juice for a late night, I charge it when in for about 30 min or in the car heading to my destination and I am good the rest of the evening.

    Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8; It just works.
    • Troll

      Did you do side by side comparison? My Nokia Symbian phone from 10 years ago could go for a 3+ days. Same with my Sony Ericsson from 7 years ago. So what?
      • Basically if you don't use the phones

        the battery will last forever.
        Start playing games or listening to the radio, and it is another story.

        Of course at work I can always plug into a USB port.
      • Ditto With Motorola 1100

        having said that, isn't this rabbit trail comparing apples to oranges (feature phone vs smart phone)?
        Crashin Chris
    • My phone last all day too

      Samsung Galaxy S2 with android 4.2.2.

      It just works

      And is relevant to the article!