10 top IT skills in demand: a one-day snapshot

10 top IT skills in demand: a one-day snapshot

Summary: Dice releases demand numbers for a range of skills -- led by close to 15,000 job openings for software developers.


The online recruiting site, Dice.com, published the peak demand for leading tech skills on the day of October 1, 2012. 

The leading category -- sought in more than 14,600 job listings -- is for "software developer," which appears to be a catch-all term, but nonetheless implies that individuals with adaptable programming and integration skills within any language or platform have a range of job choices open to them.

Interestingly, SOAP -- the Web services protocol for exchanging messages -- is one of the top skill areas in demand, suggesting there is still a lot of activity in enterprise-level service orientation.  Likewise, employers appear to be hungry for people who can work with the JBoss Application Server, another foundation for enterprise SOA.

Here are the number of job openings for each of the top 10 positions that were seen on October 1st. (By the way, Dice also mentions Windows 7 development skills as the 11th-most-sought-after skill):

  1. Software developer          14,616
  2. Quality assurance               9,355
  3. Python                                3,775
  4. SOAP                                  3,217
  5. Virtualization                      2,691
  6. Ruby on Rails                      2,404
  7. Android                               2,204
  8. JBoss                                  1,976
  9. Information security           1,916
  10. MS Dynamics                      1,581

(Thumbnail photo: US Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

Topics: Software Development, IT Employment

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  • This is really good information.

    thanks Joe.
    Ram U
  • ummmmmm! maybe a dumb question

    Software Developer is in the 1st place, OK good, but Phyton (on 3rd) and Ruby (on 6th) are not part of Software Developer category? I mean, we use Phyton and Ruby to develope software right? it is not very clear, at least for me.
    • Well, thats a good question actually.

      Software developer is a generic term and Ruby and Python coders are also considered as software developer. But if I look more into Joe's list, I think he means Software developer as a traditional enterprise app developers using technologies like .NET, Java, C++, C etc.
      Ram U
    • Software Developer and Python and Ruby separated

      Yes, Software Developer and Python and Ruby are separated, because Python and Ruby isn't really professional software development, everybody knows that.

      Kidding!!!!! I'm kidding!!!!!!!
  • No IOS or Windows?

    Have they fallen from grace that rapidly?