10 unusual smartphone apps

10 unusual smartphone apps

Summary: We often hear there are smartphone apps for just about everything and these 10 apps certainly prove that. These apps range from the whimsical to the downright useful. In this collection you'll find an app that gives any car one of those fancy HUD displays.

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  • DrunkBlocker

    Ever hear the sad story from one of your friends how they had too much to drink and then called the boss? 

    Make sure you don't duplicate the stupidity by setting this app to prevent you from calling people you shouldn't when out on a bender.

    DrunkBlocker for Android -- Free

  • BIC Concert Lighter

    Relive the concerts of your youth with this app. It is a virtual BIC lighter that when activated at the appropriate time turns the venue into a smoking hot concert.

    The warning from BIC to keep the app from the hands of minors is a little too much, but the app does this one thing very well.

    BIC Concert Lighter for iPhone -- Free

    BIC Concert Lighter for Android -- Free

  • Fake Me Out of Here

    Ever been trapped by someone you really didn't want to talk to? They go on and on and there is no escape.

    Smartphone to the rescue with this app, that will give you a fake phone call by simply shaking the phone. Just shake and excuse yourself to take the important "call".

    Fake Me Out of Here for Android -- $0.99

Topics: Apps, Smartphones

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  • No free version of Meal Snap?

    "Meal Snap"

    No free version from what I can see? I do like to try before I buy, sigh.

    From the reviews, it's not always accurate, either. Listing a 175 calorie salad as 1200 calories?

    Problem is, computers are still terrible when it comes to image recognition, especially for complex images like food. Not to mention you really can't tell by looking at a picture how many calories any given food has - it has to be done scientifically in a lab.

    You can have two totally identical looking foods with very different calorie counts. Photographs simply do not have calorie information in them.

    So - nice try, but no.


    If you have to buy apps like these - time to seek professional help for your drinking problems. Seriously.

    "BIC Concert Lighter"


    Seriously. Just go to a gas station and buy the lighter. Probably paid more for the concert tickets.

    This app just screams "total nerd."

    "Fake Me Out of Here"

    If you're buying this, you probably need to seek help.

    "Augmented Driving"

    AKA "Augmented crashing?" Do I really want to prop my phone up in my window for this? Do I really want to trust this?

    Not to mention it's illegal to put stuff in your window in some states. Do look up the laws in your state.


    My iPhone's bright, but I dunno about that bright. And again: Look up laws in your state about having stuff in windows.

    "Metal Detector"

    Interesting use of the compass. Never did the metal detection stuff, but if you're into it, give it a try. Probably the only app in the list really worth getting.


    Not much of a prankster. Pass.


    I wonder if it really works as advertised. I also wonder how many times you can use it before blowing the speaker in the phone.
  • Too bad the HUD app

    Isn't available for Android, since there are a lot more Android phones out there.
    • HUD for Android

      I downloaded a HUD for android app about a year ago. They are available. All it does is reverse the information on the screen and reflects it up onto your windshield. You don't even have to point your device up at the screen because if it is set to face you normally it will still display on the cars windshield.
    • There are a lot of HUD Apps on Android..

      Navier HUD is REALLY good!, But just seach for HUD on the play market and there's more you would care to count.
  • Forgot one

    The Poop log app!
  • Unusual Apps, Unusual Comments

    Perhaps I should be worried that I was already aware of most of these apps. A couple of observations on these:

    All of the HUD applications I've played with have one HUGE limitation. They're nearly useless in daylight. The display of the phone isn't nearly bright enough to project an usable image with the sun shining down. The orientation isn't really that much of a problem, my car mount let's me place it securely in the right orientation. However, that largely makes the phone useless for anything else. I'm still waiting for a HUD that includes a GPS map...

    The augmented reality app does seem rather cool, but it wants to be placed centered just below the rear-view mirror. You also have to go through a calibration process. It seems rather a pain in the butt, but I keep telling myself "Someday... Just because."

    Finally... a Bic app? Come on! BIC??? James, get real. Real fans use a Zippo. Not can you thumb the flint wheel, you can flip it open with a flick of the wrist.

    Thanks for lightening a rough day.
  • Flagging posts?

    Hi, I tried flagging the two posts from leekrish, nothing happened. I signed in and tried both Firefox and IE without success.