11 tips and tricks for the Chromebook

11 tips and tricks for the Chromebook

Summary: These tricks will help old and new Chromebook owners alike get more out of the laptops with Google's OS. There is also a bonus tip for connecting securely to work.

TOPICS: Mobility, Google, Laptops

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Topics: Mobility, Google, Laptops

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  • Better alternatives

    Nothing says "I'm a cheapskate" like a chrome book, especially at work. (Unless you work for Google).
    Sean Foley
    • James, show me one work task...

      ...that you can do with a ChromeBook that you can't do with a Windows or Apple Laptop computer. Nothing to fancy, just one.

      ChromeBooks are basically a very limited PC that can only work within the Google ecosystem. At least with a Windows PC, you can use pretty much run anything you want from iTune to Chrome and still be able to run the thousands of productivity X86 based applications.

      This wave of new ChromeBook buyers are moving away from Windows because of the novelty factor and certainly not because Google is offering better productivity or better hardware specs. I have nothing against new stuff. I am an early adopter of tons of stuff but regarding ChromeBooks, it is too close for comfort with Google for me without an inch of betterment to my life.

      Here's my tip guys... Buy A MacBook or an UltraBook. Leave the Google Data vaccum at the store.
      • would it be too much to ask

        that you do even the smallest amount of research? because schools using google apps with chromebooks are using them very successfully. "novelty factor" be damned.

        it's great that you think your opinion is some kind of valid argument but, alas, it's not.

        but of course it's really all down to "vacuum" no? you think using ms/bing is somehow better. matters not that ms is willing to lose 10 billions dollars (this according to ballmer) on bing to get your data. they really really REALLY want your data. that's ok because it's not this "vacuum" you so fear.
        • sorry..

          It Can all be done on a pc laptop... for the same amount of money....
          • indeed

            show me this "pc laptop" that never has an os update cost or headache, never has virus worries or cost (either protection or fix cost).
          • What is worst

            No update or being entirely depended on one ecosystem. And let’s talk about that ecosystem. Google allow them to read your email, documents and pretty much everything you do on Chrome. And then, they can sell your profile to whoever has some cash.

            I am not delusional. I know very well that going against some of Google’s initiative is certainly not popular among you guys. I can understand how some of you are frustrated reading another point of view but simply ask yourselves: Will Google always be an American company that can guarantee that your personal data will remain in well intentioned people? I personally cannot answer that question. It is a private company that will fall one day and will have to sell its assets. Meanwhile, because of its business model, Google is playing control freak with all of us and I don’t like it. What is happening with our personal information is beyond our control and Chromebooks are a step further in that direction.

            I still think on the other hand, that you can do all of what a ChromeBook can with a Windows Laptop + a lot more things, for pretty much the same amount of money.
          • and that bing

            issue i raised. nothing on that? can you answer the question of what ms will do with that data they're willing to lose 10 billions dollars to get? 10 billion dollars.
            what about facebook? you use that? tell us, what is the color of your koolaid?

            as for being frustrated over your opinion? nonsense. your presenting opinion as fact is annoying. like the "fact" that it will one day fall. uh huh. and none of it is beyond our control. none of it. if you don't use any google services (and if you do then you really need to just shut up) then you have no worries.

            and as for doing the same things for a little money, you still do not get the point. you will never get the point. you have an agenda and it prohibits you from ever getting the point.
          • Bing is probably just as bad

            Bing is probably just as bad. The biggest difference is that Bing is absolutely not relevant right now. People who are using it have no clue why and probably think they are on Google anyway. So I don’t care about them.

            I'm glad there are guys like you that prove my point. You absolutely have no idea how much the new web business model; the new intimacy we allow to our provider; the new “I don’t care as long as it’s free” attitude of consumers out there will be bad for us. We are living something that no society has ever lived before us. We are individually and very effectively tagged, studies profiled and analysed to such an extent that it is now impossible to not appear on a private company database anymore. We are losing some of our liberty every day because of that, and worst we are more and more dependent on those free in appearance services and products. On that matter, Google is very good.

            Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan a google products. Google search, Google maps, Google analytics are the best services out there. Every day I am amazed on how good they are in creating strait to point, effective and reliable products. I would be ready to pay for them if they could guarantee me that their product did not collect my personal informations or create a relational database on me and cross reference these informations amongst my relatives and contacts.

            Believe me but I honestly don’t care if you don’t. Google will fall one day as every other major company has in the history of the world. That is how it is. And if they don’t, it means that they took 100% control of our world. I’m sure it won’t happen because even you will one day realise what’s happening.
          • sky is falling

            again with the "facts". pretty safe bet to say that google will fall just like every other business has fallen. you will die just like everybody else who isn't alive today has died.
            what kind of an argument is this? it means absolutely nothing in terms of your argument. it is a ridiculous statement.

            as for proving your point, which is that i have no idea how the new web business model works. yeah, uh, no. that someone is not concerned about certain things does not equate to them not being aware of it. just like i'm not concerned that the grocery store i visit uses my savings card to target ads to me. so they know what i most buy and eat. i don't care doesn't mean i don't know how it works or what they're doing. just more opinions you present as "facts".

            but i'm really interested in this "liberty" you're losing everyday. yeah, tell me about that. should be a good read.
          • OK, once again for all the MS Parrots here

            Microsoft would love to be as good at targeted advertising as Google but they aren't.

            If you can read this comment then you can read about how MS does read your data and track you too. How else can they charge money to anyone who wants to get their ads in your face via browser or MS apps?

            From the MS advertising link posted below:

            Boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your online advertising campaign with display ad targeting. Available for all brand campaigns running on Microsoft media properties including MSN, display ad targeting helps you find the right audience at the right time – every time.

            Profile Targeting
            Profile targeting allows you to target your audience based on key characteristics including age, gender, location, time of day, operating system, and more.

            Behavioral Targeting
            Behavioral targeting delivers your advertising to consumers based on their recent online activity, focusing your campaign on a pre-engaged audience that’s already interested in the area of your products and services."

            Source: http://advertising.microsoft.com/en-us/display-ad-targeting
          • your response is retarded

            It makes no sense to go with something that is clearly bad on the belief that something else must be just as bad.

            Lets just stick to the functionality ... Chromebooks are the dunces of the computing world.
          • ..and

            With SSD for storage instead of a slow 5400 spin HD
          • Sorry

            As someone that has owned his share of $250 laptops, I can tell you that the Chromebook wipes the floor with them. Use a cheap Windows laptop for a while and you will see what I mean.
          • sorry...

            ...but slower...
      • You understand what a chromebook is ...

        ... but you miss the point completely and deliberately.

        Yes a Chromebook IS a limited PC. That's why it costs a fraction (about a tenth of a MacBook!) what a PC costs, but can actually do everything that normal people need it to.

        There is, and will be, a place for full blown Mac or Windows PC's, but the fact is that most people do not need that cost or complexity most of the time. The massive surge in Tablet use has proven that.

        If YOU don't like Google for whatever reason, fine - don't use them.
        • Sorry

          Same here... the price is not even a factor. There is less than 50$ difference between Chromebooks and similar windows laptop... and with a Windows Pc you can do all the things a Chrome book can and you get a lot more openness to other ecosystems.
          • Don't buy one then

            And shut up!
          • Thank you

            For reminding me that we live in a free world. Not buying one, I will obviously will however.
          • and

            for the countless millions of people who are the interwebs at this very moment who never do anything but facebook, email, ebay, amazon, news, weather, sports... who have no interest in "ecosystems", who never sit there longing to whip up some righteous php code in dreamweaver, a chromebook is a perfect match.
            except, of course, elitist snobs will acknowledge that such people exist. "someday they'll need...". rubbish.
          • that's

            never acknowledge