12 superior replacements for default iOS 6 apps

12 superior replacements for default iOS 6 apps

Summary: Most of Apple's default iOS 6 apps can be kicked to the curb and replaced with superior third-party alternatives that offer more features and improved workflow. Here are a few.

TOPICS: iOS, Apple, Apps, iPhone, iPad

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  • Superior third-party replacements for default iOS 6 apps

    There's no doubt that Apple as kitted its iOS mobile platform out with a decent selection of default apps. But, as with any operating system, there are better apps available from third-party developers that not only better and easier to use, but also add a whole raft of new and powerful features.

    Here is a list of the default iOS apps that can be kicked to the curb, along with the third-party app that's taken its place.

    (All these apps are apps that I have installed in my iPhone and iPad, and I use them daily. Nothing gets on this list that hasn't been extensively tested and seen a lot of real-world usage.)

  • Replace Mail with Sparrow

    While here's no doubt that the default Mail app has improved significantly over the years, but there's still room for improvement.

    My favorite replacement for the Mail app is Sparrow. Despite having been bought by Google, which has put an end to any further development of the app, for now this continues to be the best email client for iOS out there.

    A few of the features of Sparrow that are notable:

    • Smart contacts that give quick access to people who you talk to the most;
    • Excellent search;
    • Simplified thread view to keep conversations organized;
    • Mark all as read, a feature that lets you clear your inbox with one click.

    Price: $2.99.

    Link: iPhone/iPad.

    Image source: Sparrow.

Topics: iOS, Apple, Apps, iPhone, iPad

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  • Thank You

    Adrian - I know I've been harsh on your views on all things Windows, but today's column on the iOS software replacements was great and extremely helpful. Just wanted to drop a thank you and look forward to more insights like this.
  • Weather and Stocks

    I think you've got them switched...at least on my browser. Regarding Pocket Informant, does this sync with Mac Desktop software such as iCal?
  • What about widgets?

    Where can I get homescreen widgets to replace the boring icons with a widget that actually does something or shows something?
    How about an app to manage my phone's sounds, like automatically schedule my alerts and ringers to lower during work and mute at night?
    • Very nice

      I couldn't be happier after having switched away from apple. "Boring", what a perfect word to describe all of apple's products.
      • You're becoming rabid.

        Not fun anymore, Todd Bott Om3
      • Boring?

        Todd you need to download an extraction app tool to remove whats boring you "between todd and 3" where you get you upload.
      • Boooring.... yes, that's you...

        Feel free to walk away and not comment on any ios articles. Yeah, we know you hate anything Apple, and frankly seeing your signature sucks...
      • Well then

        Well then enjoy whatever you use. I don't think anyone here cares about your trolling comments.
  • Think twice before switching from safari to anything else

    Chrome might have the features but the problem is that apple cripples all browsers not called safari. You see, apple has implemented a special switch on webkit that is only available to safari and it speeds up javascript a lot. Go ahead AKH, please run any javascript benchmark with safari mobile and then Chrome on ios and please report back with the results.

    But that's okay, I'm pretty sure all the apple folks think it is great when a manufacturer has functionality in the OS that only they can use to make their programs run better than the competition's, right?
    • And as no browser is required to use WebKit, what is your point, exactly?

      • Waiting for you response, troll.

    • Need A Life?

      You really need to get a life. So bitter.
    • A solution to a problem that isn't really much of a problem

      While you are right about safari being faster with managing javascript for anyone who has jailbroken their phone they can install a tweak called nitr0us while when you run the bench tests you were just talking about chrome comes up faster, not to mention that chrome already has features such as loading up popular searches in the background so that you dont have to wait that makes it feel faster and snappier than safari is anyway.
  • Re: iOS calculator

    Try turning the iPhone 90 degrees. Presto, a scientific calculator, and a pretty good one.
    • How would anyone know this?

      Talk about unintuitive. My first thought when looking at a calculator isn't:
      If only I could do more with it. I know, I'll turn it sideways.

      Unless hidden, unintuitive functionality is a good thing when it is implemented on an apple platform?
      • Houw would anyone know this?

        By turning their phone to the side, the very first time, they ised the calculator app, like I found it out, ages ago.

        Not everyone is as addled and easily befuddles as you.
        • How
          (Requiring subject headings is stupid)
      • Sorry...

        ...your "intuition" is non-functional. I discovered it very quickly.
  • To be fair, "superiority" part of this review is quite questionable

    But useful post anyway, thanks.
  • And if the ZDNet slideshow widget weren't so awful . . .

    . . . I would have enjoyed going through it. Alas, no. Really, guys, it's the worst slideshow widget on the Internet, with all the jumping and flashing. ZDNet New Years Resolution: get a slideshow widget that is not an embarrassment. Have I made my point?