15 awesome office gadgets and must-haves!

15 awesome office gadgets and must-haves!

Summary: 2013 is just around the corner, so prepare your office for the new year with a fine selection of 15 excellent office gadgets and must-haves! Sure to induce coworker jealousy.

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Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Most of this looks like pretty standard meh

    Though I will admit that that hardware clock is pretty nifty. The 3D printer that uses standard paper is cool as hell too, albeit probably a little large and expensive of a toy to haul into the office.
    • Speaking of that printer

      Guh, why did you guys get rid of the edit button again?

      Anyways, would you happen to know a place where you could buy that printer? Everything I find is just a few months old and says it'll be out late 2012. I've been looking around for a 3D printer to fool around with and this one doesn't look too shabby.
  • Disappointing!

    Thought this would have some real modern, savvy, new gizmo's any office could improve if using some of them. Unfortunately it was all useless "spencers gifts" type GARBAGE except for a couple items. Desk fan? REALLY!? nose on a cup!? paper napkin tie? oh geez. I won't be wasting my time clicking on the links if this is the junk you are going to feed us! The jellyfish tank was interesting but could have been in one of those exclusive gift catalogs and it really doesn't belong in a tech mag article about new top flight new technology office items. Hope we don't get more of these junk articles.
  • Theft deterrent!

    The mold-patterned sandwich bags remind me of an incident at college, just after Gatorade became available at the store (and of course, school spirit -- yes, THOSE Gators invented it) made me go out and buy some. Our off-campus house had an unlocked side door to the walk-in fridge for us to save our personal snacks, and someone drank my entire bottle of Gatorade. A friend of mine (anonymous) said he would take care of that jerk, and asked for the empty bottle, warning me not to drink it myself. He filled it with ... let's say it was the same color as original Gatorade, and put it back. No one ever admitted stealing it, but the next bottle I bought was never touched! That sandwich bag brought back memories!
  • Jellyfish

    $285 for a tank and $100 more for one jellyfish.
    I think not.
  • Huh?

    A butt ugly, take up several time the space due it's fucntionality, tech clock is a must have.

    I don't think the word "must" means what you think it means.
  • Office Must have #16!!

    Healthy snacks delivered straight to your desk (peckish.co)!
  • slide shows

    More slide shows. (Sigh...)


    I like your work, and I am actually interested in browsing through this stuff. I opened this window an hour ago along with several others so it would be ready for me when I had 3 seconds in a row to look at it. I cannot and will not click the "next" link and wait for the page to reload 14 times.

    If ZDnet cannot put the whole thing in a column, I cannot read it.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.