15 Best Things To Eat As You Tweet

15 Best Things To Eat As You Tweet

Summary: Having trouble typing with one hand and eating with the other? Sr. Technology Editor and infamous foodie Jason Perlow has you covered.


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  • Temaki Sushi

    Sushi and Sashimi is without question the most beloved cuisine among the elite Twitterati and geeks throughout the technology industry. But
    it requires a certain degree of finesse in order to eat.

    However, Temaki Sushi, which are conical-shaped and wrapped in nori seaweed, are ideal for one-handed consumption.

    The most popular configurations are spicy tuna, negitoro and crispy salmon skin.

    For those of you on a budget, try Temaki's blue-collar cousin, Onigiri. These are rice balls wrapped in nori sheets which are stuffed with fillings such as tuna fish, salmon and other ingredients such as pickled plum.

    A variant in Hawaii known as Spam Musubi are rice squares topped with -- you guessed it -- grilled slices of America's favorite processed pork product and then wrapped in nori.

  • Sliders

    Hamburgers are the most popular sandwich items in America, if not the world. But most of them are too big and are far too unwieldy for single-handed consumption.

    However, there is a solution -- the slider, the "Mini-Me", square version of the hamburger, which are cooked on large griddles in their own grease along with finely chopped onions, and laid onto small square steamed buns and packed into small paper boxes, which can easily be stacked into paper bags not unlike gun ammunition, ready to be fired into one's digestive system.

    In the United States there are two large fast food chains which specialize in Sliders -- White Castle and Krystal. Both of who's products are almost indentical, but with a minor difference -- the White Castle is by default topped with ketchup and the Krystal has mustard.

    Neither chain has store locations which can be found within proximity of each other, as if they have carved the United States into a
    mini-burger war zone.

  • Slim Jims

    If you're looking to "low carb" your Tweeting fuel, search no further than the Slim Jim, a tubular form of beef jerky which comes in assorted flavors and can be found in just about every supermarket check-out counter, as well as in convenience stores all over the country.

    Be careful though, these salty meat sticks pack so much MSG that you'll need a mega-sized soft drink to wash it down. Twitterati with hypertension should look for alternative treats, or risk bursting a blood vessel.

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Jason Perlow, Sr. Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. Jason is currently a Partner Technology Strategist with Microsoft Corp. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  • Umm, what?

    Umm, what?

    Really, you decided to write about this?????
    • I wrote it...

      On a dare.
      • What a tasty post

        But calories and cholesterol count would make those dishes a rare feat if you are not going to gain weight.

        So next post about this theme could be "15 Best Healthy Things To Eat As You Tweet" -- so people could choose something from there that could be eatable much more frequently than this original list.
        • Why?

          That would be no fun at all.
  • An interesting alternative

    If you don't want to give your stomach justified reason to kick you violently in the groin (which it would, if it could, when confronted with the food you recommend), you may want to consider this fine alternative: http://www.agf.nl/nieuws/2009/0529/tommies1.jpg

    Excellent and tasty, yet healthy! :-)
    • Some more healthy yummies

      Little paprika's:

      Little cucumbers as well:

      Ideal for productive tweeting. :-)
  • Twinkies?!

    Are Twinkies even food?
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • Not really

      Not really, they're basically sugar. No nutritional value, and they're not very filling at all.
    • No.

      They're an edible food-like substance, but not real food. Real food eventually spoils or rots. Twinkies, even unwrapped, last forever. Scary.
  • You left out one obvious food choice. BEANS!

    The more beans you eat, the more you tweet. Grin.
  • Just a note to the ZDNET web manager

    I posted the comment above while logged in with my normal ID. Surprisingly, ZDNet listed me as anonymous rather than as Kenosha77a. Curious.
    • Same has been happening to a lot of us.

      Same has been happening to a lot of us, it appears. Including myself (CobraA1). Seems to be a bug. And being that we're on the weekend now, it's not likely going to be fixed for a couple days.
  • A Steve Ballmer favorite, I suppose

    going on waistline alone.
    NoMore MicrosoftEver
  • Really dumb idea -- but clever!

    This is a really dumb....uh, wait a minute! I found myself clicking through item after item, and getting hungry.

    OK: A really *great* dumb idea! And you know how rare those are!
  • Twinkies?

    That's for dumb, fat Micro$oft fanbuis waiting to stand in line for Apple's next commercial involving the PC guy.
  • Awesome article, save the Turkey legs for the Dead shows!!

    Great get away from reality!! Thanks for the smile.
  • What, no steamed buns?

    Sweet BBQ pork filled bao or Vietnamese egg, sausage, veggie buns, all in a portable, steam-cooked dough ball. What's not to love (...or tweet about)?

    Just try to keep the chicken-sauce (Sriracha) out of the keyboard (and any part of your face other than your pie-hole >_< ).
  • Great Article

    Good article Jason. It was actually entertaining to click through the pictures. Of course the very serious minded and those who are going to live forever dislike it. I did notice a few disparaging remarks about fat people. How nice of that commenter. Keep up the good work! How about another article real soon that annoys the wanna be yuppies?