15 feel-good features in iOS 7 to make you love your iPhone again

15 feel-good features in iOS 7 to make you love your iPhone again

Summary: Here's a look at just a few of the best and most noticeable features of iOS 7 that will reignite your love for your Apple-branded smartphone again.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

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  • Live tiles on deck

    Some tiles on the iPhone and iPad home screen are live-updating. While the calendar icon has always updated day-by-day, the clock icon now includes a moving second-hand dial. It's hoped that in future iterations, the weather application will also update to include a lie preview of the upcoming forecast.

  • Private browsing on the fly

    Users can now switch to private browsing mode on their iPhone and iPad with the touch of a button. In previous iterations of the software, it was difficult to access and required multiple taps of the screen. Tabs are conveniently noted as in "incognito mode" when their tab titles are darkened.

  • Automatic app updating

    Apps will now automatically update behind the scenes. iPhone and iPad users still have the choice to switch on cellular downloading, though this can churn up a user's data bill. Apps can still be downloaded manually one by one.

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

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  • I clicked wishing for a slide show........

    bam my dreams came true
    • I clicked hoping ZDNet had fixed their slideshow...

      BAM - their nightmare slideshow is still there.

      Regarding these new features, I don't see anything that makes me shiver with excitement. It's all mundane tweaks. They're just polishing what they already have for the most part. Where is the real innovation? It's hard to get too excited about things that are mostly cosmetic changes. I hope the next iPhone does a little more hardware-wise to catch up to the features on other phones.

      Apple seems to be fat and lazy these days, falling even further behind with each minimally improved release. I'd like to stick with them due to my wife and I being very iCloud based and having a large investment in add-on hardware. Plus, my wife's company has standardized on iPhones, so she wouldn't be able to switch. Me switching would mess up our system of shared contact lists and shared calendars. On the other hand, recent phones like the HTC One and the camera in the Lumia 1020 are really feeding my techno-lust.

      Come on Apple, get off your lazy butts and do something to get your long time users excited again.
      • Slideshow

        I also am getting tired of ZDNet's slideshows :(
        I come here to do a quick read of what's new on the OS7 and spend time realigning my browser for this stupid slideshow of theirs... Bummer!
        • Slideshow is slow

          Yes it is very slow but with a good browser there should be no alignment problems. I did not even have to adjust -- it lined it up for me perfectly.
      • So true

        That is so true. Even _I_ could think of other things that Apple hasn't done -- which they SHOULD have done long ago: how about universal settings for Apple devices through iCloud? Set your settings on your iOS and mac devices remotely (good for those who manage their family members' stuff). Or how about a UI that is purely vector so they don't have to worry about scaling for different screen ratios? How about pressure sensitivity for artists who want a great portable tablet (and not an overpriced Cintiq)? What about a home button toddlers can't break? How about a music player that syncs properly and allows you to manage your music -- on your iOS device AND your mac?

        ...and I can think of a bazillion other things that don't ADD features -- merely _integrate_ functions better... make it more of an intuitive thing to use. It's not about features... it's about how it works. If a 96 year-old grand mum can use it without needing to LEARN how to use it... then they've got it!
      • Check the Specs

        I think you're confusing software and hardware. The iPhone 5s has significant hardware improvements to enable the device to implement the "cosmetic" changes in iOS 7 efficiently. And the improvements to Siri are more than cosmetic. While the UI is about aesthetics, it's also about usability. iOS 7 breathes new life into an interface that had become rather stale.

        As for innovation, what was the last Android innovation you can remember? Was it not more evolutionary than revolutionary? There's also the fact that not all innovation is positive and good. Take Windows 8 and the Surface RT, for example. Microsoft has shown us how one can innovate one's way to disaster. Though often limed as the be all and end all of progress, innovation does not occur in a vacuum. It is not a stand-alone virtue. Without context, innovation is a value void of substance.
    • a slideshow of bad ideas

      "the new user interface is its ability to adapt to its surroundings, such as its colorations and fonts based on the device's dominant wallpaper"

      Which is an example of what's WRONG with iOS 7. Not to mention that this statement is wrong: On a phone, these views are full-screen; there are no "surroundings." Why would a full-screen display adapt to what is BEHIND it? Why would you make the colors of something MORE like the colors behind it, thereby reducing its contrast and visibility? This degrades the quality of the UI without any benefit.

      And there's no search above the top row of icons in beta 4, so I don't know what that's about. Then there's the spindly fonts that are LESS legible in most conditions, especially in the car; how is this consistent with iOS 7's supposedly more "car-friendly" design?

      How about the pathetic calendar, whose month view is now mostly worthless? On the previous calendar, you could select a day and see a concise list of appointments underneath. That's totally missing now, despite having a SMALLER font and no visible controls on the screen.

      And the dumbest defect of all still remains unfixed: http://goldmanosi.blogspot.com/2012/06/will-apple-ever-fix-iphones-biggest.html
  • Any app can access Photos

    If the app you're using can't access the Camera Roll/Photos, that was a decision made by the app developer.

    And as for the central file repository, one of the reasons iOS is so secure is because each app can only play in its own sandbox. What's an example of data going across apps?
    • files are important

      On Android I can download a PPT from an email, then upload it into a virtual meeting in adobeConnect - the actual PPT, animations and all - and then present it. Even on my GS3 Phone. On Apple, you can't. You can upload a picture of that rack of ribs you smoked on saturday, but...
      John Stegenga
  • "But my Android phone has had all these features....

    ...for at least the last 30 years."
    • that's even older then you

      After your calculations I think your saying Android is older then you :p
      • Then/Than

        Figure it out!
    • So?

      This is an article about iOS. No one cares that android had these features. There are many reasons to have an iPhone instead of android, from personal preference in aesthetics, to stability, to work-given phones. This article is to tell these people what's coming in the next OS that they'll love. Android's benefits are immaterial here.
      • Let's be fair

        This article explicitly calls out "reignite your love" for iPhone, thus clearly implying that some have fallen out of love. Those in that situation may be contemplating Android or Windows so I think references to those devices are in fact relevant to this article.
        • well,

          you can be falling out of love with your device without thinking about jumping to another platform. Using that assumption as a claim to bring in "android did this years ago!" comments is not making them relevant to this article..
          • however

            It's just annoying to get excited about "new stuff!", only to click through 14 pages of either irrelevant garbage or features that are only new to iOS. Hardly earthshaking material. Live switching and multitasking looks cool. Nothing else does.
        • You misunderstand

          "Reignite your love" doesn't imply you don't love the object, it simply means to reinvigorate it. You can't re-ignite something that doesn't exist, and if you fall "out of love" with something, you have no love to ignite. It's like a wife, she and her boyfriend love each other, but the passion of their first meeting when you were at that 4 day conference in Poughkeepsie has faded and needs to be RE-ignited...dig?
          • boyfriend

            is the boyfriend Android in this and the husband is iOS?

            is iOS cuckolded or just unaware.

            is Siri the reason iOS's wife has a new boyfriend?
      • considering more people buy android......

        Than iPhone, it is a valid comment
        • More people

          ...buy Android. More people use and get things done with iOS. More people configure their widgets on Android.
          Bee Ryan