15 holiday gamer geek gifts

15 holiday gamer geek gifts

Summary: Delight your loved ones with these game inspired gifts.


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  • Scrabble coasters

    For the rage quitters

    Credit: Etsy

  • Keep calm and game on t-shirt

    Keep your zen state in this t-shirt

    Credit: Cafe press

  • Video Game controller rings

    Available in XBox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii

    Credit: Etsy

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  • My Gamer Geek Friends

    The bathing suit is nice, but if I could find a way to give the girl inside to my gamer geek friends I do believe that they would make me their king, and probably work me into their Star Trek fan-fiction as well.
  • gifts for tecs

    Not at all amused by the gifts mentioned in the article. Also an insult for the female members. I had thought you would have done a better job of researching good things for gifts to give.

    • Lighten up

      Why is it an insult to female member? Was it the swimsuit? Have you seen flyer from dept. store featuring male/female models in underware section? Are they insults to male/female?