15 most wanted features in the next iPhone 5S

15 most wanted features in the next iPhone 5S

Summary: From super high-resolution cameras and faster memory, to a better antenna, and a stronger glass to more storage, what do you want out of the next-generation iPhone?


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  • Faster system memory

    Unlike some phones, the iPhone is quick and responsive, thanks to its powerful memory and processor (more on that later). The iPhone 5 comes with 1GB of system memory, twice that of the iPhone 4S. While the device's memory bandwidth continues to exponentially increase, we can certainly expect faster graphics and on-display response times in the next iPhone.

    (Image: iFixit)

  • Advanced haptic feedback

    Apple patented a haptic feedback system — a method of providing physical response to a touch with a subtle micro-vibration, for example — back in 2012, but nothing ever came of it. The next iPhone could come with a feature that could further draw users away from the hardware keyboard crowd.

    (Image: U.S. Patents and Trademark Office)

  • Wireless battery charging

    Though it has yet to really take off, some modern phones have launched with wireless charging as its main gimmick. The likelihood of its implementation is slim, but the trend it would set could propel the technology into the mainstream in the smartphone sector.

    (Image: Energizer)

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  • You Left the Most Important Out

    I own an iPhone 5 and like the Apple eco system (have MacBook Air, Mac Mini Server, iPad, etc). However my next phone will have a screen size 4.5 in to 5 in. It makes a difference and if Apple can't deliver, I'm moving on to Android.

    Also I think its a reasonable expectation that phones be water proof, like watches. If a $20 watch can be waterproof then so can a $600 phone. This is a device I have on my person most of the time. I should be able to stand in the rain with it or set it on the kitchen counter without worrying about spilling water on it.
    • Spot On and .....

      Nice try though I have doubts these are the top 15. My take on your "15" plus a few "missing items":
      Disclaimer/Notes: I currently use an HTC One and iPhone5. Other members in my household use a SGS3 and Optimus G.

      1. Fingerprint Scanner - nope
      2. NFC - yes
      3. Faster System Memory - yes
      4. Faster A7 Processor - yes
      5. Wireless Battery Charging - nope - not a fan
      6. Stronger Glass Display - yes - only phone I broke a display on
      7. Better Battery Life - yes - after a year, my i5 is hurting
      8. 128GB Storage - nope - not at those prices
      9. Retina Plus Display - yes
      10. Double Digit Megapixel Camera - nope
      11. Advanced Haptic Feedback - nope - don't care for it
      12. Stronger Antenna - yes
      13. Edge to Edge Display - yes
      14. Matte Screen - yes
      15. Colors - yes

      16. Bigger Display - yes
      17. More RAM - yes
      18. Stereo Speakers - yes
      19. Water Resistant

      Likely all or almost all are wishes.
      Kind of reaffirms why my household has been migrating to Android from iOS.
      • You left the most important pieces out.

        Ability to set your own default apps and better 3rd party Application Integration.
        • Definitely.

          Definitely. Apple really needs to open up more to third parties.
          • One more important thing everyone is forgetting

            It needs to be able to run Android. I know its not hardware, but it is a much needed feature :)
          • Wow

          • Not everybody wants a huge phone with software two revisions old.

            Your kidding, right. If I wanted to run Android I'd buy a boat anchor with a huge screen that will never be upgraded
          • AGREE!

            I totally agree with you dt. My SG3 has a HUGE screen, hard to manage sometimes even though I have large hands. It also sucks battery life like it's going out of style when you use that large bright screen. I don't fiddle that much with my phone to care about default apps and would rather have better security than 3rd party app integration. I can still search google maps with Siri and that's enough. Android leads in many departments.....like malware and viruses.
          • Stop believing the lies told to sell security software

            Try to find someone with malware problems on their Android device - good luck. I worked in third level tech support for a major wireless carrier and I never once encountered a phone with malware.

            The only way someone could possibly get malware is to manually turn off the Android security setting that prevents non-Playstore apps from being installed - and they'd have to ignore and dismiss a warning before doing it. Then they'd have to download a rogue app from a non-Playstore site - most of which offer questionable porn apps and cracked versions of paid apps.

            If you wanted a smaller screen, then why didn't you buy one? That's like buying a huge SUV then complaining about the size.
          • The Minute crApple Comes Out With A Large Screen

            you will decide that you love it.

            A boat anchor? LOL, what are you, a Hobbit?

            BTW, there are Android devices that get OS updates as soon as Google releases them - I have one.
          • yep

            Boat anchor, bigger screen, never updated and still does more than the latest version of iOS.
        • Oops! You are so right

          I was trying to focus too much on hardware and skipped that entirely.
          Nice catch!!!
        • Good Lord, Release the Xing thing already

          I will be so xing glad these articles will cease for however momentarily on what the next iThing will have. Grow the hell up children Christmas should only be once a year and you should not spend more than 1/12th of your life thinking about it.

          Thank you, I just had to get that off my chest.
      • +1

        That would entice me to return to Apple.
      • Thanks...

        Thanks for doing what the author refused to do. List the 15 most wanted features instead of putting them in a annoying slide show.
      • Flash memory

        Considering how little flash memory actually costs these days, to 32Gb, to 64Gb to 128Gb memory bumps, remain a total rip-off.
    • I made the jump.

      I went with the HTC One (from iphone 4) when I found out the next couple of phone 5 and 5S (or 5C) would most likely keep the same (or close) size screen. I couldn't continue paying premium carrier fees for old technology. My HTC has a 4.7 screen which is the max size I'd go for a phone. It has a really nice screen and battery is ok. The only thing I had about it is Google Play (web version)--it no where close to being like Apple's Itunes. Google's recent changes no make it impossible for users to keep track of what they have installed on the phone without having the go to the Google Play phone app. I hate it with a passion. The notification banners (& number labels) are another disappointment for me. In most cases--you have to open up the email to see who sent you the email or even read the first line. Just a few of the irritants I have with it.
      • It is amazing the difference

        I use the HTC One Stealth and iPhone5 side by side.
        It is amazing how much better the One is in all categories.
        Then add screen size. A lot of people if given the chance to use side by side wuld switch to Android.
        Just MO.
      • Try PowerAmp

        Best music player I have ever used, for any platform.
    • Which ancient version of the Android OS are you going to get?

      Google left it up to the cell phone companies to install their OS on their phones and since they have so many handsets and they want you to buy the newest one they are lax in upgrading the Android OS on any phone. So unless you are going to get a Nexus you are going to be stuck with an OS that was outdated the day you bought the phone for the life of your phone.