15 reasons the HTC Droid DNA keeps my SIM out of the Apple iPhone 5

15 reasons the HTC Droid DNA keeps my SIM out of the Apple iPhone 5

Summary: I still have an unlimited data plan on Verizon and am enjoying unfettered LTE. There are many reasons that my Verizon SIM lives in the Droid DNA instead of my iPhone 5 and this gallery shows the top 15 reasons.


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  • Reason 9: Full 5 inch display is awesome for reading

    Apps such as the YouVersion Bible are amazing on the large screen Droid DNA because you can read in full screen mode and see a large amount of text without the need for constant tapping or scrolling.

  • Reason 10: Share, share, share

    iOS 6 did add a few more share options, but you can't beat the power of Android when it comes to selecting how you want to share content with others. This is just a partial list of apps that allow me to share directly from within the file system.

  • Reason 11: NFC has very little to do with payments

    All I hear from people is that NFC isn't anything special since no payment standard has been readily adopted. Once you have a device with NFC, you should quickly learn that payments are just a small part of the technology. I use NFC to simply connect to Bluetooth speakers, share images between devices, check on the status of my ORCA transit card, and tap on NFC tags to control my device. It's a shame that Apple didn't add it to the iPhone 5, but I guess it was held back so they could get us to buy the next incremental update.

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  • Excellent

    Excellent article. I've always been fond of the HTC phones. Really has everything I want in a phone.
    • But 5" is large indeed; it is two-hand use smartphone, rather than one-hand

      ... use one. For now, only Apple provides one-hand use smartphone.

      Also, HTC Droid DNA is so slow in graphics that you can see the lags and lack of smoothness. The problem is that its SoC GPU is times slower than Apple's A6, yet screen resolution is time bigger.

      This results that HTC DNA is slower than iPhone 5 in graphics by order of magnitude -- like TEN TIMES slower.

      This is why if Apple is going to produce two-hand-use phone, it is going to contain A6X-class of SoC. iPhone MAXI concept: http://d-rs.livejournal.com/983.html (it is short and with "photo"). And Retina^2 is coming.
      • *"For now, only Apple provides one-hand use FLAGMAN smartphone."

        The subject.
        • FLAGMAN smartphone?

          What on earth is a FLAGMAN smartphone?
          • Flag-man, flag-ship -- whatever ;))

            You got the point.
      • Sometimes I wonder

        Sometimes I wonder if you truly believe the things you write:
        "only Apple provides one-hand use smartphone"


        "HTC Droid DNA is so slow in graphics that you can see the lags and lack of smoothness."

        You can? Please describe for us how long you used an HTC Droid DNA before you came to this conclusion. Or are you GUESSING that you would see lags and lack of smoothness?

        "And Retina^2 is coming."

        But we were told that devices that had better than retina displays were useless because retina was already perfect.

        PS My Nokia Lumia 920 has a better than retina display. And a display refresh rate that is twice that of the iphone's.
        • Iphone 5 is the worst iphone apple ever made

          This thing is better as is any ihpone before the crappy 5
          • lol sorry for misspell

            Sent from my soon to be gone iphone 5
          • Question

            Wanna send it to me?
            Michael Alan Goff
        • On Retina^2: read the link, there is explanation

          There is even second entry in that blog, about -- you will be SHOCKED -- Retina^3. Then you will see why resolution goes up and why it will stop there, on Retina^3 level.
          • The whole point of retina

            originally was that it was as good as the eyes could handle. So, were we lied to or has evolution speeded up recently? Can you see how stupid people look when they tout retina as something to behold. You've just confirmed it was nothing but marketing speak and you along with the rest of the isheep fell head over heels for it. The best you can get, just got better.......
            Little Old Man
          • No, there were no lies

            As it is cited via link, Apple claimed Retina's resolution to be high enough that users would not be able to discern pixels at 12" distance for smartphone-sized screen, if the resolution is over 300 dpi.

            But if you get closer, to 8" or 4", you can see pixels. Also, even at 12", you can see pixels if there is no smoothing (though it is incredibly rare case).
          • If Apple said it...

            Then yes, you were most likely lied to.
        • Devices with better than retina displays

          There is a reason (although minor) for above retina pixel densities. As the wikipedia article states: "Development of a display with ~900 ppi allows for three pixels with 16-bit color act as sub-pixels to form a "pixel cluster". These "pixel clusters" act as regular pixels at ~300 ppi to produce true 48-bit color display."
          Patrick Aupperle
      • Good joke

        Lol. It's a one handed smartphone for me and I don't exactly have huge hands either. Slow? Laggy? Are you lost? I have noticed zero lag and honestly it's more fluid than any iOS device I've used. Everything with this phone is smooth as silk and I haven't seen any reason to say that the 5 is better in any aspect.

        Are you just an iPhone fanboy or do you own a DNA as well?
        • Oh well, what else one could expect from Android fanboy?

          Even with "butter" makeover Android is still less fluid than iOS -- even on 720p screens.

          So this HTC Droid DNA is as laggy as hell, being equivalently nearly ten times slower in graphics than iPhone 5.
          • Do you even own a DNA?

            Do you? Because you have no idea what you are talking about. I owned an iPhone 5 for a week, sold it and bought a DNA. The DNA is tons smoother and a hell of a lot faster than the iPhone. And Jellybean on this device is about as if not smoother than iOS. I would expect it to considering the iPhone just caught up to the HTC thunderbolt that was released 2 years ago.

            Keep defending your inferior product, it's amusing. Have fun with your restricted OS, you can't even do anything without Steve Jobs' ghost saying you can.
          • Money post

            The iPhone 4/4s, was essentially a WWII fighter, meanwhile Android 4.0 phones came out and blasted past it like an F-16. The iPhone5 has just reached Mig-25 levels of performance and the Android phones are increasing the gap.
      • Haha...

        This guy...
      • RE: Apple Fanboy Rant

        Really, I own a DNA and it is the smoothest device I have ever owned. "ten time slower"???? So ridiculous, you act like an iphone is miles ahead of other phones and it's just not true. I use my phone with one hand all the time. Take your ridiculousness elsewhere.

        Additionally, comparing "future" products with current ones is just a cop out, the fact is, the best screen you can get today on a phone is on the DNA, hands down. So Apple comes out with a new screen, so will everyone else.

        Why can't you Apple Fanboys just say it, there are better phones out there, it's just a fact. Apple phones are always a year behind their time, what Apple has going is a reliable software, but now so does Android. And Android does more, and has more phones. You will not find another phone that can do more or is better than the best Android models today, we are talking about today hear, not next year. It's just the way it is.