2 keyboards for iPad Air: ZAGGkeys Folio and ZAGGkeys Cover

2 keyboards for iPad Air: ZAGGkeys Folio and ZAGGkeys Cover

Summary: We told you it wouldn't be long until keyboards arrived for the iPad Air and these two look pretty nice.

TOPICS: Mobility, iPad, Tablets
ZAGGkeys Folio Cover
ZAGGkeys Folio, Cover (Image: ZAGG)

Apple made the iPad Air much thinner and lighter than the previous generation iPad and that means new keyboards are in order. We predicted they would start showing up soon and we were right. ZAGG, maker of a line of keyboards for the iPad and iPad mini, has announced two new models for the iPad Air.

The ZAGGkeys Folio and Cover are similar in design to two models for the iPad mini that were reviewed by ZDNet. The Folio is a case that completely covers the iPad Air while providing a Bluetooth keyboard. 

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Like the two keyboards for the iPad mini, both the new Folio and Cover have backlit keys with selectable colors and brightness. They also both have a clever hinge that allows adjusting the iPad Air to a variety of viewing angles to fit the situation.

The ZAGGkeys Cover is the thinner of the two keyboards as it only covers the screen of the iPad Air. The Cover model is my favorite for the iPad mini due to its thin form when attached to the tablet.

The ZAGGkeys Folio shows to be shipping now for $99.99 and the Cover, also $99.99, should ship in November.

Topics: Mobility, iPad, Tablets

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  • I can only assume that this means...

    ...the Retina mini will indeed fit in the slot for the non-retina one, as you'd think getting this out so quickly the Retina mini version would have also been introduced at the same time.

    I speculate that the retina mini will fit, but there is almost NO tolerance for error in the channel that holds the iPad in place.
  • One thing never mentioned...

    I've read your keyboard reviews, and there is usually one bit of information missing from them. I'd want a keyboard cover to fold completely flat against the back of the iPad when I'm using it as a tablet. The couple of keyboards I've seen couldn't do that. Can you add that information to your future reviews? Thanks.