20 awesome gadgets and gift ideas for techies!

20 awesome gadgets and gift ideas for techies!

Summary: Looking for gift ideas for that special techie in your life (even if you're said "special techie")? There's something for just about everyone here! And don't miss the additional galleries linked throughout, where you'll find nearly 100 more excellent gadgets and gift ideas!

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Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Comment on the heated soles puzzles me

    "If there's anything a techie hates, it's being cold -- especially when we keep so many warm devices running in our midst! For the techies with cold feet, these heated insoles are just what the doctor ordered. "

    Most techies I've met enjoy the cold, precisely because of the reason stated there. Every techie's room I've ever been has been a stifling battle with trying to get everything cooled down because all the equipment makes it feel like a jungle.
    • for the first 5 hrs...

      these things last all of 5 hrs, according to the manufacturer, and retail for $120. I guess I just don't get it, value-wise.
      • Why would you need them for longer?

        I could be wrong, but it seems like the typical scenario for these to be worn would be one that takes place in a time span less than 5 hours: a cold football game, an afternoon on the slopes, a cold hiking trip, a family outing in cold conditions, etc. They're rechargeable, and at that, if you needed some for longer than 5 hours, I'd imagine two pairs would fit the bill (much to Thermacell's delight, of course, lol). Anyway, my point is that 5 hours sounds quite reasonable to me -- insofar as the usage I would get out of them, personally.
        • I think you're wrong...

          Uh, one of the claims is that this monitors your sleep patterns. If you sleep at least 6 hours, it will shut off before you wake up... duh, buddy, read your article.
    • lol. Fair point, Aerowind. =)

      I wrote that description purely based on my own techie existence -- in that, I'm a techie, but I also end up places where heated insoles would be welcomed (football games in the cold and, you know... wild, mountainous adventures through the land of Skyrim to fight bears). I realize I'm probably not making my point any clearer, but that's okay. SOMEONE out there will want the darn things, techie or not! lol.
  • Brookstone projector

    Is crap, I walked by the store the other day and saw this thing and unless your going to watch in the dark and the picture is only slightly bigger than the phone screen itself then it's fuzzy washout out picture. Pretty useless.
    new gawker
    • Hmm...

      I wonder if the unit you saw was faulty. Reviews of it on YouTube look pretty darn impressive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etstt6s2kfU
  • You didn't sell shoes or used cars at one time, did you Stephen?

    Ok - I have to confess - because of your article, I actually bit on a kickstarter project and purchased the Touchfire keyboard.

    I really don't need it but for $49.95 it was worth the holiday stocking gift. (Besides, I been curious about the product since I heard about it so long ago. I guess I will have to try it out. Grin.)

    However, in three plus years of iPad use, I can count on on hand the number of hours I have used an external keyboard paired to the iPad I was using at the time. So, unless I'm unknowingly related to James Kendrick, I doubt I will find the need to use an external keyboard with my iPad on a daily basis.

    But maybe the Touchfire will change my mind?!
    • Ditto!

      It's funny you say all that, Kenosha, because I've been thinking precisely the same thing about my iPad, too! Originally, I went all out and bought the bluetooth keyboard for it and everything, thinking I'd use it as my primarily writing companion. No such luck, though. Try as I might to force it, I just never quite came around to making repeated use of it. The MacBook Air has taken to filling that role, and it does the job magnificently.

      That said, I'm interested in the Touchfire, too. I won't get it before Christmas, but seriously, do me a favor and let me know what you think about it when you get it and try it out. You're one of the few reasonable and insightful regulars around here, so I'm certainly interested in your opinion. Shoot me an email sometime: stephenchapmanseo [@t] gmail [d.t] com

      Oh, and I shot an email to James letting him know what you said. It made me chuckle, and I imagine it'll do the same for him. =)
      • *primary

        The lack of an edit button in the comments isn't exactly my favorite thing in the world or anything... lol.
        • Thanks Steve. I'll drop you a line when I get it.

          It should arrive in a few days.
  • Pleasant Way of Asking For Gifts: Online Gift Registry

    The days are gone away when guests used to think themselves and relate your choice with to have a gift for you. The new trending online gift registry pattern has changed it all. Now before any occasion or event, guests used to search your online gift registry and they pick out something from your own wishes.
    Nickk Mindcrew