20 of the world's top selling phones

20 of the world's top selling phones

Summary: UPDATED. Samsung and Apple phones may today rule the smartphone market roost today, but the most popular phones and smartphones were in fact sold almost a decade ago. Here are some of the top selling mobile phones since the the start of the new millennium.

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  • Nokia 2600: ~135 million

    The Finnish phone maker sold around 135 million Nokia 2600 series handsets from 2004 when the device first went on sale. A relatively unremarkable phone, it was one of the first handset series' by the company to feature a color display, though did not include a camera.

    This kept the cost down and made it hugely popular thanks to its low price tag. Incremental updates in the 2610, 2626 and the 2630 handsets had additional hardware capabilities and functionality, spanning the range of many wallet sizes even for smaller, less-viable economies.

    Image: Nokia

  • Nokia 3310/3330: ~126 million

    One of the most robust phones of our times — even memes have been created around the strength of the device — the Nokia 3310 remains one of the most well-known devices on the planet. An estimated 136 million Nokia 3310 and 3330 handsets have been sold since the phone first launched just before Christmas 2000. By 2005, there were 126 million units, which was more than the 100 million phones sold by Nokia between 1991 and 1998. 

    Interestingly, if all the Nokia 3310 and 3330 phones were laid end-to-end, it would stretch from Helsinki, Finland to Santiago, Chile, according to the phone maker.

    Image: Nokia

  • Nokia 1100: More than 220 million

    Surprise, surprise, a Nokia wins the top spot. The Nokia 1100 may look unceremonially brick-like but its basic features have helped the Finnish phone maker reach global success with this basic, monochrome display phone. Perfect for those on a shoestring budget, it doesn't have a camera or email, let alone a color display, but it sold — thanks to its extremely low price — more than 220 million devices by estimates. Launched in 2003, it may not have reached the cumulative success of Apple's iPhone, which has sold more than 300 million, but it surpasses every iPhone iteration by a long shot.

    Image: Nokia

Topics: Nokia, Smartphones

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  • Razr

    I remember when having a Razr was considered absolutely the coolest thing on Earth.
    • You have to admit, around the same time Motorola released the Razr

      Nokia released the n-gage, the lamest thing on earth
      • Haha so true...

        And the people who thought they had got the latest thing with an n-gage!

        My favourite from the list was probably the k750i - that phone would not die! I used it on and off until 2011; every time my new phone got stolen / broken it came back out. Every time I traveled to some of those places you don't want to take expensive tech it came. That was it's downfall; eventually stolen from my bag on an overnight train from Xi'an.

        I'm with you the koto lest phone I ever owned was the V3

        Other than that the list is a bit of a joke; several models such as the v3 have generations and spec changes grouped together, but not iPhones. Maybe combine 3g and 3GS, 4 and 4s?
        • Slightly more official list here

      • N

        Heyyy... The N-gage was a cool device... Had a superb screen was just a lil clumsy. I rocked one and also a gold razr which was damn cool.
      • .. and Ericsson

        And Ericsson launched their first real competitor to Nokia 9000 Communicator, the Ericsson phone was as big as a cigarette case, with touch sensitive screen - but a flip plastic cover that doubled as a keyboard and microphone. Nokia came with the 9500 with WiFi on the Communicator line.
        Some of us never bothered to stop and look at the Razr - just another flip-phone.
        • Best dumb phone I ever owned was an Ericsson

          Worst was the Moto Razr .... ended up with 4 replacements in one year and not because I drop it.

          1st Razr was replaced 3 days after I got it .... came WITHOUT an installed antenna. The replacement died about 1 month later. The 3rd replacement worked for about 4 months, then the battery would not hold a charge. 4th replacement worked for about 8 month ... then the display died.

          I had a Moto V560 before, so I didn't expect the Razr to be such a piece of garbage.
    • Still is.

      I would totally sport a razr, and look damn sexy while doing it.
    • Razr

      They were great phones, for the time, but it is really fair to compare sales of a phone that went for as little as $.01 on contract with phones costing $199 on contract? I think not.
    • .. what is the "Razr"? - a misnomer not made by Gillette?

      I wonder how big your "world" is - both Sony/Ericsson and not the least, Nokia with their 9xxxx line made the simple phones with voice-only service very little interesting. We wanted applications - but the operators / carriers never got the message.

      The device made little impression outside the US, which btw is a tiny market.
    • To be fair

      Sporting a Razr today would be pretty freaking cool.
  • What about the Nokia 5110?

    My guess is that it's better known and more rugged than the 3300.
  • Hmm which one?

    The picture you show of the Bionic is xt865. Verizon also sold a different phone; the xt875 called the Droid Bionic. Pretty similiar phones but different in appearance on the outside.
  • Apple lied about figures

    According to this list, Apple have sold nothing more than 200m phone from the first iPhone till date. According to Apple, they have been selling 36m phone per quarter for the last 3yrs. Merely taking 2yrs, they should have sold 240m phones and that is putting it at 30m per quater! Somebody needs to explain this figures to me!
  • editing

    The coverage was great but.. sometimes I wonder what the editors of ZDNet actually do... with an opening line like that in the summary section getting past their apparently non-watchful eye...

    Again, great coverage though... thanks Zack!
  • Oh yeah..

    I think you are referring to the SE P800i. Sony-E was really on the right track there, but a bit before it's time I think. The phone could be used as a modern touch screen but Sony-E tuned the interface so that it really required the accompanying stylus. In the next models they moved more and more to a physical keyboard again. They could have led the market for smartphones.
  • the pic of the 1100 is actually that of the 1110!

    The pic shows the 1110, which was a costlier version of the 1100. The 1100 has a single select center key, while the 1110 has a 4 way navigation key at the top center of its keypad.
  • smartphone

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