20 products with comic gold Amazon reviews

20 products with comic gold Amazon reviews

Summary: Some products for sale on Amazon generate reviews full of humor, wit, sarcasm and irony. We round up these examples of comedy gold comments for your entertainment.

TOPICS: After Hours

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  • BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen

    Elegant design - just for her! Thin barrel to fit a woman's hand.

    Sample review:

    'I have purchased this item and it is great for writing after all my hands are much smaller and more feeble than that of a man and normal pens can be too complex for me. I don't have much use for writing though and was wandering how I can use it to make my husband a sandwich. Can any other female users help with how they got around this problem?'

  • Avery Durable View Binder

    Holds 8.5 x 11 Inch documents. Durable construction is ideal for frequent reference.

    After Mitt Romneys gaffe during the run up to the 2012 election, this product quickly became a new meme.

    Sample review:

    Forget binders full of women. Women should be full of binders. These things are *delicious* with the right soy sauce.


  • Passion lubricant

    The Ultimate Lube Keg.  Lube pump included.

    Sample review:

    'I used 5 gallons of this stuff on our 50 year old forklift. And voila, the old girl never ran so good. It also sighs with pleasure from time to time'.

Topic: After Hours

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  • These do show one thing for sure...

    ...and that is that there are no lifeguards at the Gene Pool.
    • LOL, Gene Pool

      No running allowed and no diving in the shallow end.
  • OK, I'll admit

    The Horse Head Mask review caught ne totally off guard - I laughed at that one
    William Farrel
  • It's Not The Huge Ships I'm Worried About

    The little blighters are the worst. They lurk about on a crossing, wait for you to pass, then--POW! They're under your wheels, jamming up your suspension something awful. The repair bills alone, then there's cleaning off the blood--

    Wait, are we talking ships, or meteorites?