20 products with comic gold Amazon reviews

20 products with comic gold Amazon reviews

Summary: Some products for sale on Amazon generate reviews full of humor, wit, sarcasm and irony. We round up these examples of comedy gold comments for your entertainment.

TOPICS: After Hours

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  • UFO detector

    The UFO detector continually monitors its surrounding area for any magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies.

    Sample review:

    Now I employ the UFO-02 Detector (by Images SI), and this puppy kicks into action before any of those little creeps can lay a long, slimy grey finger on me.

  • Tuscan Whole Milk

    1 Gallon Whole milk.

    Sample review:

    How do I drink thee? Let me count the ways.

    I drink thee to the depth each cuppeth found

    My soul search complete with Tuscan around

    For the ends of the Gallon bring sad days

    I drink thee whole, Milk; as my waistband frays

    Most quiet need, by a cookie drowned

    I drink thee freely, as others slim down

  • Banana slicer

    'Faster and safer than using a knife'.

    Sample review:

    Dishwasher friendly, unlike actual bananas in the dishwasher.



Topic: After Hours

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  • These do show one thing for sure...

    ...and that is that there are no lifeguards at the Gene Pool.
    • LOL, Gene Pool

      No running allowed and no diving in the shallow end.
  • OK, I'll admit

    The Horse Head Mask review caught ne totally off guard - I laughed at that one
    William Farrel
  • It's Not The Huge Ships I'm Worried About

    The little blighters are the worst. They lurk about on a crossing, wait for you to pass, then--POW! They're under your wheels, jamming up your suspension something awful. The repair bills alone, then there's cleaning off the blood--

    Wait, are we talking ships, or meteorites?