20 things Apple must fix in iOS

20 things Apple must fix in iOS

Summary: iPhones and iPads will soon be running iOS 7, the latest iteration of Apple's mobile operating system. But nagging flaws and problems bog down productivity and cause no end to annoyance levels. Here are 20 things Apple can do to fix the software in its next major version.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • iMessage is unreliable at best

    (Image, screenshot: ZDNet)

    How many times has iMessage failed now? If you've run out of data or are in an area of poor coverage, iMessage will switch off and resort to good-old text messages. Even when it does revert back to the 30-year-old technology, there have been numerous occasions where Apple's service has simply ceased to function. iMessage works when it does, but when it doesn't, everyone seems to know about it.

  • Why can't you iTunes sync to two different computers?

    (Image: ZDNet)

    We've all been there. A long journey ahead of us, so we put some TV shows, a movie or two, and our various favorite playlists. But as soon as you plug it into your other Mac or iTunes-enabled computer, bang, there goes our playlist because it's synced with that machine. You're stuck with playlists you haven't updated in months and your music collection is all over the place — but certainly not on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Does anyone actually understand Photo Stream?

    (Image, screenshot: ZDNet)

    A "Camera Roll" and "Photo Stream." What's the difference? One sits on your phone and the other is uploaded to iCloud. But nobody seems to know when photos do or don't get uploaded to the cloud. It's haphazard, all over the place, and downright confusing — even for many advanced users.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • Calculator does not have pi?

    If you turn your device to landscape orientation you have scientific functions.
    Stephen Huxtable
    • Then this is clearly unintuitive

      Where is the indication that turning your device will add a pi button? Epic UI fail apple.
      • Epic?

        The Windows Phone calculator behaves the same.
        • Then that proves my point even more

          We are constantly told that everything Microsoft is an epic UI fail.
          • Wow

            Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online.(Click Home information)
          • Best response ever to any of NonZealot's

          • so what

            A pittance.
      • Indication

        Your comment is without value.

        Epic. Fail.

        Indication? Such as? Can you provide an example of "indications" that are provided by any other OS on any other phone? are there "indications" on the face of the phone? On the back? You know, a *really* small printed version of the users guide? On the outside of the phone?

        Truthfully? Everybody who actually as an iPhone knows about this because it *is* so intuitive. Obviously, you either don't have an iPhone. Nothing wrong with that. It matters not what your choice of phone is to most rational people. But your comment is pointless.
        brian ansorge
        • That's what happens

          When Microsoft trolls pretend to own devices from the competition. Matt/Will/Todd (and what ever other names he uses), is a huge WP supporter, thus feels the need to make up tings to complain about.
          Troll Hunter J
          • I agree with the article, and....

            I OWN an iPhone! And no, I don't have a WP! But compared to a Galaxy, this OS is severely lacking! You may want to fool yourself that it isn't, you may want to tell yourself that it is "so gooooood", but as an owner of both, sorry- not maybe epic, but fail! Do I like the quality level of the phone? Yes. It's the software that lags! Way lags! I'm not into the Samsung for the larger and better screen, I'm not in it for the better battery life, or the better camera. The software features that I like are there. They're not on the Apple!
            Can this be fixed? Yeah, that's what this article's about!
            WILL they be fixed? Probably not. One of Steve's problems was handed down to the company in it's DNA! Arrogance! They can't just bring themselves to change what's wrong! They still want to release improvements incrementally, so that they can get their faithful to replace each year with the 'new and improved' model, and Samsung/android just keeps on eating away by providing better usability.
            Sorry Apple, but unless you drop the profit margins, and play catch-up real quick, this will be the last iPhone I will ever have!
      • Epic?

        A calculator glitch is an "epic" fail?

        Does no one understand what that word actually means?
        • yea but

          at least its in the right direction.... I god damn HATE who ever start calling stuff sic!!! instead of the many generally right direction terms/slags for good.... including epic...

          And also epic fail is holding the phone wrong means you cant use it as a phone or telling everyone that wp7 isn't upgradable Months before the launch of WP8 (what a way to absolutely decimate your sales) or the Fragmentation of android (everything still works but its down right funny that I can go out now and buy a phone running 2.2)..... every phone has the odd glitch... An Epic fail this does not make...

          Oh and Todd... plzzz say sic so I can shoot ya in the face
      • If you use small devices like GPS, it is intuitive.

        Setting the device to landscape provides a lot more room for larger buttons. Garmin GPS allows portrait mode, but the keyboard buttons are so small and narrow, they are useless, I'm not familiar with the iPhone, but I'm assuming there still has to be some space on the screen for other functions. Perhaps most people would realize they have to use the calculator in landscape mode to get bigger buttons?
      • Pi? Do you really have trouble with pi?

        Unless you are doing extremely critical work, 3.1416 should serve well. Maybe you are thinking of finding an x root, or something challenging, but how can you see that as an epic fail?
        David Nesbitt
      • Clearly unintuitive

        Like having to move your cursor over to the right of your screen get a symbol which leads you to another symbol which finally permits you to turn off your Win 8 computer.

        You are right. I discovered the scientific calculator by accident.
  • What incentive does apple have to fix anything?

    We have legions of fanboys telling us everyday that apple is perfect and makes the bulk of all profits in every single market. Whenever anyone points out things the competition is doing better, we are told we are wrong and as proof we are shown apple profit figures.

    So no, I suggest that apple should change nothing. After all, suggesting changes apple could make is suggesting that apple products aren't perfect and that is blasphemy.
    • Is anyone actually saying that?

      In general Apple users say they believe their products are "better than the alternative", not perfect. And before you have a fit, surely they would say that as they chose Apple's solution, right?

      I know you'll find this hard to believe, but there are perfectly valid reasons to choose Apple's solutions. That isn't to say there aren't reasons to choose other solutions, but it is a matter of balance, what is important to the individual. It isn't as "cut and dried" as fanboys of any stripe would have you believe.

      It is you that sees this as a religion, you are the one that talks of "blasphemy" and has an avatar of Steve Jobs with devil horns. You are FAR more guilty of treating this like some "holy war" than the average iPhone user.

      Want to be taken seriously? Tone it down a notch. There are plenty of things Apple could (and should) do better, but you've probably no idea about ANY of them.
      • maybe Steve stole his puppy

        Did Steve stole your puppy when you were a child?
        Really, this is getting to be too much, this hate towards Apple, or Steve Jobs.
        Steve has passed on -- let it go.
      • When it comes to skills and ability,

        There are two sorts of people.

        One sort just wants the bells and whistles to be in the package, and is willing to take all the personal trouble to accommodate those features -- even if it means spending hours learning how to triple-swipe the screen to do... something or other. This sort of people will easily be maxed-out by the included features, and NEVER wishes for the ability to script-in added capability. They hit their stride (as they know it), and just want to stick with it.

        The other sort, which I (once) was, DO want to be able to tell "their" computer what to do, rather than come at it from the direction of THEM accommodating the machine's habits. THOSE people will always find the real problems with Apple, and the Windows OS's that imitate them to the point of dumb-down.

        THOSE people will find both Apple AND Windows too limiting. They will be tech-chasers and hopeful first-adopters, and first discard-ers.

        This forum is the interface between those two sorts of people.
        Lightning Joe
      • It's funny that now Android is on top

        We are being told by apple people to "tone it down." Where was this advice when apple was the so called "leader" in the industry? The hypocrisy and double-standards amaze me when it comes to having conversations with apple people. At one point it was all about having the latest tech and fastest processors, now it's all about refinement and not re-inventing the wheel. I just love how you guys always have an excuse for apple's shortcomings.