2013's top four Internet media extenders (Gallery)

2013's top four Internet media extenders (Gallery)

Summary: I watch TV via the Internet every day. Here are my top device choices for cordcutters.

TOPICS: Networking, Apple, Google

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  • Apple TV

    If you know anything about Internet media extenders, then you know about the Apple TV. It's biggest virtue over the other selections is that you can easily stream videos to it from your home media library. Now, if only iTunes wasn't such a miserable excuse for a media program, whether you run on on Macs or Windows, I'd be perfectly happy with this pairing. 

  • Roku 3

    If you want the widest possible choice of Internet video "channels," then you want a Roku box. It also features the best built-in Internet video search funciton. While the top of the line Roku 3 is quite good, you can get a lower-priced model and not give up any real functionality. 

Topics: Networking, Apple, Google

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  • mid-range Samsung Blu-Ray BD-5900 has an extensive app selection

    Yesterday I picked up the top-rated Samsung BD-5900 for just $89 at a local hhgregg store. It has a wider app selection than some of the lower-end Samsungs and additional apps can be easily added. It has a dual-core processor so the interface is quick and, though I haven't tried it, am told the web interface supports flash.
    • Agreed

      It's a good one too. Before buying a Blu-Ray DVD with Internet video take a long hard look at what's available at your price point. There are a lot of good Sony and Samung models out there.