2014 Father's day gifts for the deep of pocket

2014 Father's day gifts for the deep of pocket

Summary: Money to burn this year? Check out these high-end, luxury gifts for your dad this Father's day.


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  • Canon EOD 5D Mark III

    Name: Canon EOD 5D Mark III

    Company: Canon

    Price: $4000-5000

    The Canon EOD 5D Mark III is an investment beyond the realms of an amateur enthusiast, but if your father is a keen photographer, you can't get much better before going towards the most exclusive kits. Apart from incredible image quality of 22-megapixel images at 6fps, the Mark III can record full HD movies, has an ISO sensitivity of 100–25,60 -- expandable to ISO 102,400 -- and 61 point AF. 

    Via: Amazon

  • Bose VideoWave III entertainment system

    Name: VideoWave III entertainment system

    Company: Bose

    Price: $9200

    The VideoWave III entertainment system, manufactured by Bose, is a step up from standard speakers. The HDTV comes with a home cinema and music system, and Bose technology removes the need for traditional speakers and a subwoofer. Media comes through on a 1080p LED backlit display and you can connect your entertainment system via Wi-Fi. A pricey gift for Father's day, but no doubt an appreciated one. 

    Via: Bose

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