2014: How can tech enable a meaningful life?

2014: How can tech enable a meaningful life?

Summary: We have plenty of technology. Can tech accelerate the creation of a meaningful life? E-commerce is just the start...

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Pixels and speeds are meaningless tech specs. How to live a meaningful life is the best metric that our use of technology can provide. Our challenge is how do we harness tech to achieve it?

2014 is where we need to start answering this riddle. We have plenty of tech – the next step is how do we use it for the best outcomes? How will peoples’ use of tech transform lives and communities?

These will be the best stories in 2014 and beyond.



Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Enables? Enable maybe...

    "2014: How does tech enables a meaningful life?"

    My view: Unfortunately communications has degraded as people use short-hand for everything and negate the use of spell/grammar checkers.
    • Thanks for spotting that...

      As far as short hand goes, if it's in common use then the communication is clear and that's what matters.
      Tom Foremski