2014 Travel on a shoestring gear, gadgets and apps

2014 Travel on a shoestring gear, gadgets and apps

Summary: If you're traveling this summer on a small budget, some of these gadgets and apps may make your life easier.

TOPICS: Apps, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Kindle Fire 7" HD tablet

    Name: Kindle Fire 7" HD tablet

    Company: Amazon

    Price: $139

    Saving you luggage weight and money, wanting to take a large collection of ebooks with you on holiday doesn't mean you necessarily have to buy the latest tablet or Kindle model. Instead, consider the Kindle Fire 7" tablet, which comes with 8GB or 16GB storage -- more than enough to store many books and a film or two for a good price. 

    Via: Amazon

  • Victorinox at work USB drive

    Name: Work USB 32GB

    Company: Victorinox

    Price: $50 approx

    A Swiss Army knife developed by Victorinox brings the letter opener and tool-equipped gadget in to the modern age by including a handy USB storage drive. Capable of a reading speed of 30MB/s, the USB drive comes in 16GB and 32GB versions -- providing you with lightweight digital storage as well as the usual useful tools found in Swiss Army gadgets. 


  • Samsung Smart Camera ST150F

    Name: Samsung Smart Camera ST150F

    Company: Samsung

    Price: $250

    The compact camera market is congested, but if you're focusing on good value for money and lightweight gadgets, there is plenty on offer. Samsung's ST150F is one such device, and comes equipped with a 5x zoom, F2.5 25mm lens, 16.2MP image sensor and capture of 16.3 megapixels. The camera is also capable of recording 720p HD movies, and is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to share pictures on the go over email and social media. 

    Via: Samsung

Topics: Apps, Hardware, Mobility

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