2014 Travel on a shoestring gear, gadgets and apps

2014 Travel on a shoestring gear, gadgets and apps

Summary: If you're traveling this summer on a small budget, some of these gadgets and apps may make your life easier.

TOPICS: Apps, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Samsung Smart Camera ST150F

    Name: Samsung Smart Camera ST150F

    Company: Samsung

    Price: $250

    The compact camera market is congested, but if you're focusing on good value for money and lightweight gadgets, there is plenty on offer. Samsung's ST150F is one such device, and comes equipped with a 5x zoom, F2.5 25mm lens, 16.2MP image sensor and capture of 16.3 megapixels. The camera is also capable of recording 720p HD movies, and is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to share pictures on the go over email and social media. 

    Via: Samsung

  • Veho 360 Rechargeable Pop Up Speakers

    Name: Veho 360 Rechargeable Pop Up Speakers

    Company: Veho

    Price: $13

    Veho's pop-up speakers, at a bargain price, are mini speakers which can be used with an iPod, iPhone or standard MP3 player. While the sound quality is only going to be so good with these types of speaker, they can be used for 8 hours without recharging and take up little space in your backpack. 

    Via: Iwantoneofthose

  • PocketGuide

    Name: PocketGuide

    Company: PocketGuide Inc.

    Price: $Free

    The PocketGuide app is a free audio city guide covering most of Europe and sections of Asia, Africa and the United States. The app determines your location via GPS and relays information automatically when interesting sites are nearby -- but keep in mind that using it while roaming city streets will result in roaming charges. Alternatively, you can donate to the app makers to download audio guides in offline mode. 

    Via: iTunes Store | Google Play

Topics: Apps, Hardware, Mobility

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