25 things to do with your free hand while using your iPhone 5

25 things to do with your free hand while using your iPhone 5

Summary: Apple made the iPhone 5 screen longer, but kept the same width and promoted the ability to still use the larger iPhone with one hand. Here are 25 suggestions for using your other hand while you have the iPhone 5 in one hand.

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As I wrote last week, I preordered my Verizon iPhone 5 and have been caught up in the hype of tracking orders like many others. One of the key benefits that Apple focused on with the design having a longer display that is the same width as the iPhone 4S is the ability to still use the device with one hand. As we pass time on the last day before the iPhone 5 arrives in our hands, I thought it might be fun to list 25 things you can do with your other hand while using the iPhone 5.

I have pretty much given up on using the latest generation of smartphones with a single hand because I just don't have long enough thumbs to reach all the way across the displays. I use two hands with my Galaxy S III, Nokia Lumia 900, and Galaxy Nexus. I can still use my Nokia N9 with one hand and am actually looking forward to trying out an iPhone again to see how well it works with one hand control. Here are some things you might want to do with your other hand (these are not all serious people) while using your iPhone 5:

  1. Hug your significant other
  2. Open a door for a woman or elderly person
  3. Carry your iPad
  4. Drink a glass of water
  5. Wave to your buddy
  6. Give someone a thumbs up
  7. Wipe
  8. Thumb wrestle
  9. Hold your kids hand
  10. Pet your dog or cat
  11. Scratch an itch
  12. Crack an egg and make a cake
  13. Write a real letter to your friend
  14. Throw a ball
  15. Do a one-handed pushup
  16. Poke something
  17. Point at the sky (gets others looking up too)
  18. Push a button
  19. Eat a meal
  20. Change the channel
  21. Paint
  22. Learn to shuffle cards with one hand
  23. Unload the dishwasher
  24. Walk your dog
  25. Curl a dumbell

Even though I am a serious phone geek, I do not text and drive and do not let others do it in my presence either so you won't see driving as an option on my list above.

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPhone

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  • One handed operation is overrated.

    Anything more complicated that tap and forget (say, something like Pandora) really needs two hands. Hell, all current smartphones more or less revolve around pinch-to-zoom. Anything simple enough to be operated with a thumb is simple enough that screen size really doesn't matter in its operation.
    • You are reaching here Aerowind

      No pun intended...
    • Funny how the Apple fanboi crowd always cheers about pinch to zoom

      "iPhone is fantastic because it can be used 1 handed. Also iPhone is fantastic because of pinch to zoom."

      You can't make this stuff up.
  • what will probably happen even more often...

    26. Drive your car
  • I have your 26

    26. Tap parts of the screen that you can't reach with your thumb. The iPhone 5 has a LOT of the screen that is completely unavailable to your thumb.
    • And another 26

      26. Tap your RFID enabled credit card to pay for your new Nokia Lumia 920 phone. Note that you will probably need both hands to blend your old iPhone.
    • There is on part of iPhone 5 screen that would be unavailable for a thumb

      Notice that screen starts lower than in iPhone 4S, so you do not have to "stretch" your thumb that much to the top of the device.
      • Are you double jointed?

        Just curious because I can't get my thumb to swing down below where i'm holding the device. Maybe my thumb is not as flexible as others? Regardless, telling us that the screen starts lower doesn't help because what that means is that I have to hold the phone lower, making the upper portion of the screen completely inaccessible.

        Quite frankly, you Apple fanbois would get far more respect if you stopped with these ridiculous excuses and simply said: "the iPhone, like pretty much every other touchscreen phone, is barely usable with 1 hand. Deal with it."
        • Ok Apple hater

          Your not worth it...
      • The screen starts lower than in iPhone 4S

        Think about that statement for a minute...
        William Farrel
    • Long...

      I've got long thumbs.
  • Iphone

    Oh Iphone! http://gamesyepi.net
  • good list, here's my add

    I can also do all of these while holding something other than an iPhone5. Here's my list of things to hold while doing something from your list ;).

    1. Your significant other's hand
    2. Your morning latte
    3. Your dog's leash
    4. Car keys
    5. Lunch box
    6. Tickets to your favorite event
    7. Bag of groceries
    8. Suitcase for your trip
    9. Notepad
    10. Pictures of your family

    Of course, good readers, this is all in fun if you are planning to harangue me for this comment.
  • Right after "Wipe", #8 of 26 should have been----

    Right after "Wipe", #8 of 26 should have been WASH HAND.
    Paul B. Wordman
  • Ha, I thought it would be

    fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap,
  • hold a map or navigation device that is accurate

    Big stories on news regular websites about this
  • I Don't Think Iphone Users Multitask Very Well...

    ...otherwise they'd be using an OS that can handle multitasking.
  • one hand

    I have a Samsung S II and have no problem using it one-handed when I need to. Too bad for those out there with little hands. My thumb from the first joint to the tip is around five inches long.
    • I'm the same way with an SII

      but give me an SIII and I pretty much have to use both hands.
  • #1 - Steer your Car

    I know you would never include it on your list, for obvious reasons, but this is what most people will be doing with their other hand, while holding their iPhone 5 (or whatever phone they have).