3 leans on LG as 3G gathers momentum

3 leans on LG as 3G gathers momentum

Summary: After finally cracking the one-million customer mark, 3 is hoping that its new video handset from LG will sell as well as its predecessor

TOPICS: Mobility
The past few years have been pretty tough for 3, but latest figures suggest that things are looking up for the third-generation mobile operator.

The company announced on Monday that it has signed up 1.2 million 3G customers in the UK, and over 3.2 million worldwide. It had missed an earlier target of attracting one million 3G customers in the UK by the end of 2003.

The company was the first to sell 3G phones in the UK. Although the operator won't say how handsets have been popular with customers, the LG U8110 video handset has been the top-selling model on contract at 3, and indeed across all mobile operators.

"It's been selling very well," said a 3 spokeswoman.

The operator has remained loyal to LG, and has just begun selling the manufacturer's latest phone, the LG U8120. This is an updated version of the U8110, and the main difference is that it includes 32MB of memory rather than 16MB.

Both phones support video calls and will let users access streaming video footage.

Topic: Mobility

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  • Warning
    Just brought a U8110 from 3 and the sorfware doesn't comunicate with Outlook as it should. On importing your contacts from Outlook it randony swaps round first and Surnames (I don't know about you but I don't know all the surnames from my contacts in Outlook.
    After three hours of trying to talk to the correct person at 3 (You so know the call centre's in India) someone admitted they knew all about the problem and the new U8120 has got over it. What if you have a brand new U8110? I'd imagine that so few people actually bother to connect to the PC they just keep there head down and fingers crossed. Extensive searching on both LG's and 3's websites offer no solutions. If someone knows the answer and can make 3's top selling phone actually work properly please enlighten me.............
  • Regrettably I am one of the 1.2 million Three customers. The service is very poor, with coverage much worse than when I was with O2. The attraction to me was the apparently very good deal, but a good deal is no good if you can't make calls when you want to. And when trying to get help, it seems that the support staff have considerable difficulty in understanding what the problem is and the general advice always is "take out you SIM card and clean it". I still can't get reliable access to voice messages, and the display on my Motorola phone is illegible in normal daylight, let alone bright sunlight. And battery life is appalling too, with a useless battery life display - goes from three full green bars (Maximum) to a single orange "warning" bar in less than one minute.