3 reasons why Mac is best

3 reasons why Mac is best

Summary: You thought you’d seen the end of the Flame Wars) between Mac and PC, redolent of the late ’90s, lumber-jack-shirted hipster vs. besuited-beige-square dullard.


You thought you’d seen the end of the Flame Wars) between Mac and PC, redolent of the late ’90s, lumber-jack-shirted hipster vs. besuited-beige-square dullard. But no, it is my duty to report back to you why a Mac is twice as good as PC.

Not only will I prove it to you, I’ll do the maths as well.

In short, here are the reasons:

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • My trusty old ThinkPad X60s died last week, only days after being christened with a new nickname, The Cockroach. As much of my work is freelance front end web development, I had to find a replacement pretty quickly.

    Bye bye ThinkPad
    Farewell to the 6 year old ThinkPad

    If you’ve ever asked a roomful of developers what their favourite laptop is, you can imagine the divergence of opinion. I need something lightweight, for all that travelling, and the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook was a hot favourite.

    Of course, as a Free Software aficionado, I would be running the latest version of Linux Mint (which I’m sure Jamie will be covering soon!), with possibly a Windows Virtual Machine as a begrudging concession.

    But then, as I was waiting for yet another IT department to install yet another suite of front end dev tools on yet another battered laptop, I thought why not use my own? Install Linux for me, Windows for most agencies and OS X for some.

    Of course, this meant a MacBook Air. A third more in price than the Dell XPS 13 but I can fit a third more operating system. There were the mumblings in the office about there being only two USB ports, but you always have to leave something out to get slim, whether it’s ports or cakes.

    So now I have Sublime Text, Firefox, Chromium, Subversion and Git installed on three different operating systems, with Photoshop on two of them. And if I can run Mac as well as Windows, that makes it worth twice as much.

    rEFIt boot manager
    Three operating systems on one laptop, courtesy of rEFIt boot manager

    It has been a bit of a battle to get a workable triple boot system, using the rEFIt boot manager, and 3 installs of different Linux distros. But that, as they say, is another blog post.

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    Jake Rayson

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    A web designer since the 20th century, I am a pragmatic advocate of Free Software and I use proprietary software when appropriate. I made the full-time switch to Linux back in 2007, and my desktop tools of choice are Linux Mint, Inkscape, GIMP and Sublime Text.

    As a Front End Developer, my core skills are HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, and my working life reflects my commitment to open standards and accessible websites (ie accessible by everyone, regardless of browser, platform, ability or technology).

    For web publishing platforms, I use WordPress for ease of use and Drupal for more complex solutions.

    I am also learning about Ruby, Rails, Sinatra and CoffeeScript. I like the minimalist Ruby Way. To this end, my personal portfolio website is built with NestaCMS.

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