300 Telstra jobs face offshoring

300 Telstra jobs face offshoring

Summary: Telstra has confirmed that it is considering a proposal to offshore a number of administrative back-of-house jobs.


Telstra has confirmed that it is considering a proposal to offshore a number of administrative back-of-house jobs.

Some 160 jobs as well as additional agency partner positions, which look after areas such as broadband and home phone service order activation and capex accounting would be affected, Telstra said. The Australian has reported that around 300 employees would have their position taken over by Indian suppliers, saying that the companies involved were IBM India and Tata Consultancy Services.

The plan is in response to a request for proposal the company has been conducting for the last nine months. Telstra said that one of the companies the jobs would move to already partners with Telstra on back-of-house activities so that a consolidation would achieve further efficiencies.

In March, Telstra said that the proposal was part of Project New, the telco's program of reforms to transform customer service. The idea is to reduce spending on external suppliers, improving customer service and field workforce productivity, as well as simplifying prices and reducing the company's ongoing costs.

"This has been a tough process and if the proposal goes ahead, impacted Telstra employees will be encouraged to apply for other roles within the company. Successful applicants will be provided with additional assistance for relocation costs if required," Telstra said in a statement of the outsourcing.

"Employees who leave the company would be provided with retrenchment benefits that are amongst the most generous in the industry, with up to 80 weeks pay depending on their years of service, as well as the opportunity to participate in a redeployment program if they wish."

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  • I work for Telstra and do a lot of work and have friends in the area being shipped offshore. I can confirm Telstra is lieing. These staff are NOT administrative staff. these staff program and activate new services and services being modified. These staff provide and allocate cable paths to the Telstra technicians for new services and change paths for faulty services. THese staff are hard working Australians with familys and bills but Telstra is to concerned about going offshore to save cash not caring about the customer experience
  • Also in the same club but I wouldn't go to the extent of saying they are lying outright they have just portrayed in a more positive light.

    The dirty truth is we had all envisioned this was eventually coming with the NBN current data and cable assigners would be demolished or retrained into other areas. Well that didn't exactly happen there will still work in Plant assigning , data activation and so forth in data administration to do, they just want to rob the jobs here and give it offshore to India. Which the cost of labor there is only a fraction of what they would pay us. This is all part of cost cuts. No one seriously believes services would actually improve when something is shifted offshore. Actual feedback from workforce/field technicians , sales and other escalated departments people who do the actual work and align with the dependant services from the current workers would share that opinion. Its all part of managements game, they will consult and review within themselves not with the workers or union to enforce there agenda. This proposed plan (well it's pretty much approved) really is just a advanced formality to conceal the negative reputation of a 'used to be' Australian company betrayed it's loyalties to its employees. Where the work , private data and controllers are now overseas. After all in the end it's just business.

    Rewording what truth should be said if the proposal comes into affect Most of the employees who are actually contractors will be left with NOTHING no pay outs no redundancy and no program to relocation them in other employments they have to leave and fend for themselves. Only the Fulltime employed by Telstra (the much smaller pie of the 300 workers) will receive the benefits and consolation they announced. Perhaps there should of been some program from the government itself to transition workers into NBN when they struck that deal with Telstra. Then again when the big wigs are signing billion dollar deals who thinks about the minority staff right?
    Alan Shore