4 more mobile app development resources for small businesses

4 more mobile app development resources for small businesses

Summary: More frequently, the first impression that a small business might make on a potential customer is via a smartphone or tablet.

TOPICS: SMBs, Mobility, DIY

My post yesterday about FileMaker Pro got me thinking about an item I wrote back in April called "14 Do It Yourself mobile application development platforms" (especially since many of you keep reading it).

In that spirit, here are four more offerings that have come to my attention since I pulled together that article. I am only focusing on development environments or services that a small-business owner should be able to use herself or himself. 

Sorry to those of you that are pitching full-blown toolkits for creating commercial mobile apps, but that just isn't the focus of this blog.

Application Craft - The company's development environment uses a drag-and-drop interface for assembling features and touts one-click application deployment on platforms including Apple iOS, Android and, actually, Facebook. It uses HTML widgets for geo-targeting, analytics, and social media sharing. The company's free version supports creation of up to 10 apps (but you have to run the company's ads in them when you distribute them). The paid service starts at $45 per month or $450 per year for unlimited applications. 

App Press - Founded in 2010, the company behind this cloud platform for Android and Apple iOS apps created it with graphic designers and creative agencies in mind and it shows. A small business can rely heavily on existing content to create highly visual mobile applications. The App Press service offers an instant preview feature so progress can be reviewed along the way. A basic version of the service starts at $30 per month

Mobile Roadie - The first thing you'll probably notice when you visit this site is that the company touts high-profile celebrities as some of its customers. That said, it serves plenty of small businesses looking to create a native mobile presence, according to the company's CEO Michael Schneider. "Consumers aren't really consuming the information that small businesses are putting out online in the same way that they were in the past," he said.  You can use the platform to create a mobile version of your web site for free; the service starts at $99 per month for creating native iPhone or Android smartphone apps. 

MobileAppLoader - This platform offers templates for all sorts of small businesses to use in their mobile app development -- that includes everyone car dealerships to contractors to automotive services companies to hair salons. Its claim to fame is "app in a snap," which lets a small business get an application created and published fairly quickly. There's a set-up fee (generally $99.99) and then you pay fees starting at $9.99 per month, depending on whether you're publishing for Apple iOS, Android, iPad or all of these.

For two more resources about mobile apps development: 

14 DIY mobile app development resources for small businesses

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Topics: SMBs, Mobility, DIY

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  • Appcelerator

    Please review Appcelerator..
  • Jupitee

    Please consider reviewing Jupitee (www.jupitee.com), a do-it-yourself mobile app builder, that let's you create your own truly native mobile app, with no need for coding.

    Just like you use Wordpress for creating a blog you can use Jupitee to create a mobile app. You simply pick your theme and colors, upload your content and you're ready to go!
  • Optimization Guide

    Awesome! I recently came across a very useful FREE guide that discusses how to optimize and market your app for the new iOs6. http://bit.ly/RWisDc - I think fellow readers will find this information very helpful!

    Check out the CLIPCLOCK mobile app. The new social hub to discover and share the best video moments with your favorites!!!
    Here is the link: clipclock.com/download/4941
    Erin Welson
  • Check out www.appsbar.com

    I recommend anyone looking for a mobile app builder that is compatible for android and iPhones to use the www.appsbar.com software, and its FREE! I used this website for my personal accounting business. I found the site super easy to use with many features and capabilities, I would recommend this app building site to everyone. Even all of my clients that I told about the app have downloaded it and found it easy to use.

    Accountant Linda
  • SnAPPII - Online Cross-Platform Development Tool

    SnAPPii is an ideal tool for small businesses as it allows cross-platform development (Android, iOS & HTML5) from one single build. Just build, click the button and your can view your apps in the testing mode right on your device. Once you're ready to submit to the app store(s), again, it's the click of a button and it's submitted!!

    The SnAPPii platform gives businesses the ability for rapidly building apps for Android and iOS platforms without writing any code and without having to recreate the app for each platform. Using a visual drag, drop and configure methodology and the SnAPPii Preview App, you have the ability to create, test and submit your apps quickly and easily.

    Small businesses can build an app in a day... even a few hours. It's robust, user friendly, customizable (without coding) and affordable.

    Please consider including SnAPPii in your next list of resources.
  • Business App

    Really helpful article.

    I came across a new app builder the other day. It’s one for businesses and provides an idiot-proof template where an app can be built for a business in under ten minutes! After reading into the company, I realised they were powered by the world’s leading app builder. I really feel that it’s the future for businesses!

  • Check out http://crowdi.me

    I recommend anyone looking for a mobile app development to try this ready to use mobile apps ui/ux
    Oran Even
  • A better option...

    These are great resources....when you have the knowledge (especially graphic design knowledge) and the time to configure and develop the app by yourself. Most of the times entrepreneurs and business owners get frustrated with the process and the final result. A better option is definitely to invest in an affordable business app made by experts for you. There are very affordable and professional options out there, like this one, that has a 100% money back guarantee!: http://app.agenciagenweb.com