5 best iPad mini keyboards

5 best iPad mini keyboards

Summary: You wouldn't think the small size of the iPad mini would lend itself well to supporting a keyboard but accessory makers have produced models that work well. These are the best of the lot.

TOPICS: Mobility, iPad, Tablets

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  • ZAGGkeys Cover

    The side view shows how compact the unit is when being used.

  • ZAGGkeys Folio

    This keyboard case is similar to the Cover model in the previous slides. It has the exact same keyboard which is good, yet adds a folio case to completly cover and protect the iPad Mini.

    It is a little thicker than the Cover model, but weighs about the same. It also has the same unique hinge which allows adjusting the viewing angle of the iPad mini to taste.

    The iPad mini snaps into the lid so it is a little harder to remove for use outside the case than the Cover model.

    Unique features:

    • Adjustable viewing angle due to special hinge
    • Completely protects the iPad mini
    • Large keys

    ZAGGkeys Folio -- $99.99 from ZAGG

    See the full review by James Kendrick on ZDNet

  • ZAGGkeys Folio

    The keyboard in this case is virtually identical to that of the previous model in this collection. There is no wasted space and fast touch typing is possible.

Topics: Mobility, iPad, Tablets

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  • This was very difficult to follow

    the only keyboard I could clearly see identified was the Zagg Keys Folio... am I missing something?
  • So Which Is Best?

    I'm leaning towards the ZAGG Folio but want to know if that is the best of the bunch.
  • Absurd!!

    If I'm going to have a keyboard with my Ipad....(gen1)..... and I own several, I want one I can type on, not some silly tiny thing where my fingers need to be scrunched up to the point that It's impossible to touch type at any decent speed if at all. The whole idea is to facilitate data entry isn't it? I get frustrated even with the keyboard on my 17" laptop. Perhaps I'm in the minority......but when my fingers hit the keyboard they want to fly along at 70+ wpm, not hunt and peck, or squeeze, crowd, and scrunch. The only keyboard I use anymore when I use a keyboard for my Ipad is the Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard 6000. The Ipad get's propped up in it's case, and the keyboard goes in my lap or on a convenient surface. It isn't elegant & uselessly compact. It's bulky, and usually sits in my briefcase if I'm traveling with the Ipad, but it works and works well for me. At $50 (approx), it's an excellent value. Smaller than full size, but large enough to be useable.
    • Blackberry

      LOL - Sounds like using my hated Blackberry Curve :-)
  • Another useless post on zdnet

    What is the point? You didn't review any of them. Why are they the 'best'? Do you have any real input or is this more garbage you guys can write off as 'not news we are only opinion-based'.

    Yet flipping through pictures to read the story is ignorant and this entire article was a waste of time.
    Kevin Hatfield
  • Flexible keyboards

    If it isn't made yet: wouldn't it be the BEST idea of an external keyboard to make a flexible keyboard with a plug to connect to an iPad?
    Those flexible keyboards that you roll /wind to keep in a drawer...

    I think there won't be a better physical keyboard...

    Juan P.
    http://www.misrecomendaciones.com.ar (spanish recommendations for travel and tourism)
  • There are other tablets out there

    Since not all tablets are Ipad minis you might have mentioned, for example, the Galaxy Note 8.0. I bought a Zagg Folio for mine and it's the perfect keyboard experience - when you need it. When you don't need it you don´t use it and/or detach it. It's very compact and it looks like an integrated unit, so your tablet won't fall out of the slot that seems to be characteristic of cheaper versions.
  • Ipad mini keyboard and civer

    What is the cost for the iPad mini keyboard and cover
  • ?

    Where's the reviews? All I see a photos of the keyboards?