5 excellent reasons to jailbreak your iPhone

5 excellent reasons to jailbreak your iPhone

Summary: Looking for a reason to jailbreak your iPhone? Here are five fantastic apps--apps that will rapidly become "must have" apps--that you can download and install onto your newly jailbroken iDevice.

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  • Nitrous

    This is the app with the simplest user interface of all the ones I've listed here, but it does something that is literally priceless—it gives JavaScript a massive speed boost.

    Apple's Nitro JavaScript engine is restricted to apps such as Safari and iBooks, but by installing Nitrous, any app that uses the WebKit engine is given access to Nitro. This means that third-party browsers such as Google Chrome benefit from a performance boost of up to 300 percent.


    Price: $0.99.

    Source: Cydia.

  • Auxo

    The iOS task switcher—the little pane that pops up at the bottom of the screen when you double-tap the Home button—doesn't really do that much. But take the time to install Auxo and you are given access to a whole host of new and interesting features. For example, you can preview the app, delete it with a swipe of the finger, and even delete multiple apps simultaneously by using multiple fingers.

    Auxo also gives you access to improved media playback controls, as well as access to system controls such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and brightness.

    Price: $1.99.

    Source: Cydia.

  • Dashboard X

    While Android and Windows Phone both make use of live widgets, they are noticeably absent from iOS. Dashboard X rectifies this, adding a whole slew of widgets, animations, and themes.

    One of my favourite Dashboard X features is its ability to create transparent floating widgets that are available from the home screen.

    Once you install this app on your iDevice, you'll be fiddling with it for hours.

    Price: $1.99.

    Source: Cydia.

Topics: iOS, iPhone

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  • One More Thing...

    I think SBSetting should be in placed with IntelliscreenX... Very Essential with implementing Mail, RSS feeds, Quick Messaging, Twitter and Facebook in Notification Center...
    • For unlocking

      Well, jailbreak doesn't allow me to use other phone company, as for the att users, go check att iphone unlocking . com, they unlock all att phones up to date, I also did mine there.
  • i think the main reason is slightly less noble

    knowing that jailbreaking makes it possible to install any non-free apps for free, it would be safe to assume that that is the reason for the majority of "jailbreakers"
    • Not necessarily freeloaders

      ...as vpupkin mentioned.
      While I am not a jailbreaker myself, I can see why tinkerers would like this.
    • nope!

      Installing non-free apps for free isn't the reason to jailbreak the Iphone! yes you have access to that but the reason is to feel that Iphone belongs to you! and you can modify it in any way you can! lets put Android devices for example! when I bought a Motorola Triumph it came with a stock Rom. it would run very slow, freeze, sound quality was poor, and the interface was very ugly! what I did? I rooted it! from there I was able to push the processor speed to the limit it was designed! I was able to change framework files in order to make the interface look more appealing to my eyes! I would enjoy my phone, and what was better was that I didn't have to buy a new phone, I would just download custom roms!
      Sebaz KI
  • Grammar

    I think you mean use; "and making it easier to sue."
  • LOL Dashboard X - live widgets

    When apple eventually comes under enough pressure for their lack of innovation the last couple of years, they will simply copy the windows life tiles. They will just give the tile's rounded corners and there you go, apple has done it again they are in unrivalled at innovation.
  • Possibly fun - not useful

    These a 5 apps for twiddling with your phone's appearance. If you find that fiddling about and tweaking your phone all day is a useful activity then, I suppose, these apps are "excellent."
    Otherwise, they are a waste of time.
  • Not convinced

    You gave us a customizable interface, a performance boost for chrome and 3 apps that do practically the same thing. I came here to find a reason to jailbreak but it was a great letdown. These 5 tools are only suitable if you spend all day looking at your phone and even then it's not worth the expense imo. Which leaves me questioning who is going to read this article and then think: wow, I MUST jailbreak now this is what I've been missing whole my life with my iPhone... And even if there are people like that, why did they buy an iPhone to begin with? You knew it didn't have that much gadgetery and if you decided you wanted it to jailbreak it this article is too late for you because you already made up your mind. So i'm left with people who are thinking of exchanging their iPhone because they don't like the options. The advise should be imo: please exchange!
  • Loyal Apple Users Will Not Jailbreak

    Jailbreaking allows IOS users to access pirated software. Why would they want that choice? Let Apple control your choices for you--you know it's for your own good!

  • Wow...

    If you Jailbreak your iPhone, you get Android 2.2!!! It's like the worlds lamest easter egg!
  • there is only one reason

    To make iOS as customizable as Android
  • Not worth the effort

    The reasons listed to jail break simply are not worth the effort. And if you screw it up, now you have a brick. Now no phone all just to see the layout different?
  • Jailbreak 6.1.3 released

    These are the reasons why I love to jailbreak my phone. The latest ios 6.1.3 jailbreak has been released and I just jailbreak my phone yesterday. 100% working at WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM
    Adam Daieh