5 iPad apps to start 2013 in the cloud

5 iPad apps to start 2013 in the cloud

Summary: This year is as good as any as getting started using cloud services. If you are an iPad owner that wishes to embrace the cloud these apps are a good place to start.

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  • Office2 HD

    The iPad may not have Microsoft Office as does the Surface tablet but the Office2 HD app makes up for the ommission. It is a full office suite that works with cloud services to directly access documents remotely.

    There is a good word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF editor incorporated in the app. It works with most popular cloud storage solutions to give instant access to your work.

    Office2 HD- $7.99

  • Google+

    Google may be the creator of Android but the iPad app for accessing the Google+ service is first-rate. The app displays the user's news feed in a graphical magazine-like layout that makes working with the service a joy.

    All functions of Google+ are possible in the iPad app, including Google Hangouts, including video chats

    Google+ - Free

Topics: iPad, Apps

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  • Thanks James, very useful

    I am struck, however, by how many apps you need to install on the ipad just to bring it up to 30% of the functionality that other tablets have OOTB.
    • Exaggerate much?

      Yes...I get that Surface has a flavor of Office built-in and Android has Google baked in...but, I don't know which tab has Photoshop out of the box or which comes with functionality quite as broad as the other Apps mentioned.

      Perhaps you meant 30% as an exaggeration? And...seriously...even if you were right and there was a tab that had all of this functionality OOTB...is five Apps really such a strikingly high number? Perhaps that's just another exaggeration for effect?
  • Except Clever HD and Cloud Magic

    rest of the stuff is garbage, especially Google+.
    Ram U
    • Actually, Rama, I like Google +

      James wrote about Office2 HD awhile back. After reading his review, I purchased it since Microsoft had not released any of it's Office Suite apps yet for the iOS platform.

      I was curious as to how it would work with some complex and large Excel files I had.

      Putting those files on my Google Drive and my Skydrive accounts proved effortless as did the importation of those file into Office2 HD on my iPad 3.

      I was surprised at how fast I could scroll through the Excel file cells on my iPad 3. (Similar experiments using different apps other than Office2 HD but using the same Excel file on my iPad 1 and iPad 2 models were unsatisfactory.)

      Furthermore, all the formulas continued to work. Additionally, editing any of those cells proved to be a successfully trivial task. Needless to say, any formatting survived the importation intact.

      Now, having said that, creating that same file in Office2 HD might have proved very tedious, at best.

      Having a Surface RT bundled with it's Office Suite of apps would have made the creation of those files very possible and much easier.

      Still, for successful viewing and editing complex Office documents on an iPad 3 (and I assume the iPad 4 as well), I whole heartedly recommend the Office2 HD as well.
      • iPad 2 vs. iPad 3

        @kenosha77a. " but using the same Excel file on my ipad 1 and iPad 2 models were unsatisfactory"
        Other than screen resolution and GPU, iPad 2 and 3 are much the same performance wise. Could you describe what was unsatisfactory about the iPad 2?
        • Re: GPU performance, the iPad 3 is much better than my iPad 2

          The GPU subsection on my iPad 3 was better at moving all those Excel pixels around on my screen. It made a difference.

          I'm glad you recognized the obvious when it came to the iPad 1 original models performance.

          I tried to import that same file (over 30 tab sheets and loads of data and formulas on each tab) into Numbers on my iPad 2. It did load but the scrolling of the tab sheets were unacceptably slow. And, the program crashed sometimes with that file loaded. When it did load, it took "forever" to load into memory.

          My iPad 3 is just a better experience and, although I have not tried it out on an iPad 4, that model has Geekbench results that are twice as good as the iPad 2's were.

          To be fair, I didn't try to load the Excel file on my iPad 2 into Office2 HD installed on that tablet. It might be a good experiment to try that out.

          Still, my main point was that this app, Office2 HD, works really well on an iPad 3 at viewing and editing large Excel Office files using any number of available cloud services.
  • LifeTopix organization app brings a lot of cloud in along with local data

    Instead of separate apps for each cloud service, please take a look at LifeTopix - we built an organization app that brings in Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs/Drive, Google Tasks, Toodledo Tasks and Notes, Asana, and iCloud syncing into a single organization apps covering 12 life topics. LifeTopix for iPad/iPhone also integrates with the device calendar, contacts, media, Reminders app and maps. It is fully functional without any of the cloud pieces - just brings online notes files, tasks etc. in (if you want) into organizational context (trips, projects, events, visits, assets, etc). More at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lifetopix/id399076264?mt=8
    LightArrow Inc.
    • Better ones out there than on this list....

      Probably a testament to how quickly this area evolves that there are already better ones out there. Personal favourite is wymfo (great content management across all major clouds, plus sharing), closely followed by zinglepoint (nice messaging). I get a bit tired of the locked down apps, lack of innovation from the big players. As usual, the indie devs are the disrupters. PS lifetopix sucks....