5 productivity apps for Windows Phone

5 productivity apps for Windows Phone

Summary: Do a floorplan sketch, send out sales orders and proactively engage Web site users by using some of these Windows Phone apps, and be more efficient while on the move.

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  • SAP ByDesign by SAP
    Price: Free

     Sales executives and managers can now manage their accounts, contacts and activities all on one app. They can also review the type and number of products available in real-time to create more accurate sales orders for their customers, thus boosting productivity and client satisfaction.

  • LiveChat by LiveChat, Inc
    Price: Free

    This is for Web site owners who want to own their customer relationships and proactively engage their site visitors.

    LiveChat allows users to monitor their site traffic, find out what customers are looking for and determine the best way to engage the visitor. They can then engage in a chat where multiple sessions can be managed over a mobile handset. 

Topics: Apps, Microsoft

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  • Wow

    MS have more than doubled the number of Apps in store.
    Alan Smithie
    • Yes theyve created the fastest growing appstore in history.

      Really amazing the great progress theyve made. You can get pretty much anything you need already.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Re: Yes theyve created the fastest growing appstore in history.

        Truly the numbers are astounding. And if you look at the number of apps available per actual customer of Windows Phone, the numbers go beyond astounding to beggaring belief.
  • Windows Phone 7 or 8?

    It'd be nice to know if these are available for Windows 7 phones--I bet not.