50p broadband tax will be law in 2010

50p broadband tax will be law in 2010

Summary: The Next Generation Levy will be introduced in the Finance Bill, which is expected to pass into law next year

TOPICS: Networking

A tax to pay for next-generation broadband in the UK is expected to pass into law in 2010.

The tax, known as the Next Generation Levy, will see every home with a landline charged 50p per month to fund the rollout of superfast broadband.

It will be introduced in the Finance Bill, according to chancellor Alistair Darling, which is expected to pass into law in 2010.

For the full story, see £6 broadband tax will be law next year on silicon.com.

Topic: Networking


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  • Copper tax?

    In the linked article, it refers to the broadband tax being levied on all 'fixed copper lines'.

    What about those who choose to scrap their telephone land lines and use VOIP/SIP over a cable broadband connection?

    Does this mean that Virgin Media customers will be exempt from the tax?
  • we'll..

    I took it that anyone with a telephone line will be taxed, and if mobile user's are not to be taxed yet, you'll probably find it won't be long before the government extends it to capture those user's also.

    The other question is once all this infrastructure is in place will they remove it? probably not and it will most likely increase with time also, they always do.

    The annoying thing about this after reading this article, over at silicon.com I just read an article about how BT are giving away free FTTC! for 3 months to existing business's in Glasgow to try.

    So they obviously don't need the money then!
  • BB tax

    I thought telecoms had been privatised.
    It's up to the company & it's shareholders to cough up this.
    Will we all be getting a dividend on the profits, we've a right to it.
    Just like the banks are laughing at us so now it's telecoms turn
  • Direct debit

    They would be better to ask us to set up a direct debit to the govs.