6 late back to school gifts for your new college freshman

6 late back to school gifts for your new college freshman

Summary: Your child, brother, sister, niece or nephew just got shipped off to college but you forgot to give them a going away gift. Here's a few things you could send them which they desperately need.

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  • Your freshman needs to take notes in class, but at the rate they have to pay attention, and depending on how awake they are, they might miss some key points from the instructor.

    The SONY ICD-SX712 is a fully digital, 2GB memory voice recorder with sensitive stereo microphones and can record lectures at 320Kbps in native MP3 format for transfer to iPods and other music players, so your collegiate will miss absolutely nothing.

    The product can also be purchased with the optional Dragon Naturally Speaking voice-to-print software which will automatically transrcibe the spoken lectures to printed notes. 

  • Look, you sent your kid off to college, and once they are out of your prying eyes, chances are they are going to experiment.

    They're going to drink alcohol, they might experiment with recreational drugs, and they are also going to ... Have sex.

    If they're going to "do it" they might as well know how to do it properly. ZDNet's own Violet Blue, who is a world renowned sex educator has built up a tremendous tome of information with her Open Source Sex Ed book which is based on transcripts from years of her popular podcasts on iTunes.

    Among the vast array of subjects covered, it includes safe sex practices, which students of every age should be conscientous of.

    The ebook is downloadable as a ZIP file, which contains  .PDF, .TXT and .PDB formats that can be read on many popular e-reader devices such as the Kindle and the iPad.

  • Mobile Edge is one of the world leaders in travel bags and backpacks for the jet-set. Their Scanfast is their best-selling backpack, and now it's even better.

    Like the previous ScanFast, the current model is of a butterfly-type design that permits the student's laptop computer (up to 17" wide) to be kept in a pouch in a separate compartment which can be unfolded at security checkpoints, thus allowing it to be scanned directly in the bag using the TSA's security equipment without being removed.

    When your student comes home for the holidays and needs to fly back to school, they'll appreciate it. And while at school, they'll appreciate the bag's functional design and ample storage space for all of their gadgets, books and papers.

    The ScanFast 2.0 is also the only travel bag in the industry that is constructed out of DuPont's sustainable and eco-friendly Sorona polymer fiber material based on corn, so your student can make a "green" statement as well while using it.

Topic: Travel Tech


Jason Perlow, Sr. Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. Jason is currently a Partner Technology Strategist with Microsoft Corp. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  • Violet Blue

    It must feel strange to talk about your colleague's sex-related accomplishments in such a.. sterile manner. Anyway, it's the first time I noticed, but is she wearing a bib in the photo?
    • Do it books

      You need to include a book on Plagiarism. They are going to want to get an A+ in that too.
  • Oh look! Overpriced garbage to go along with an overpriced degree

    If the jobs' pay isn't consummate with the college degree required, somebody is getting ripped off.

    It can be said with a lot more detail, but it can't get any more succinct than that... especially when we have to compete worldwide, after the corporations were propped up by our tax dollars to be moved offshore...
    • about one word...

      "Consummate": "Con", "sum", "mate". It's a con job, with a hefty sum, and people are being screwed…
  • There are better gifts for students than this!

    As a current college students let me enlighten all of the parents out there who want to get that special student in their lives something they actually want and will actually use. Here is what I would recommend:
    1. iTunes gift card so that they can get some new music to listen to while doing homework
    2. Think Gum - a caffeinated gum that helps improve memory so that they will actually learn a little more
    3. Some new flip-flops for the dorm showers so that they don't get a crazy foot infection from all of the other people that shower in there
    4. Multivitamins - beer and cafeteria food will only provide part of the nutritional requirements we need
    5. New headphones - these things always seem to break!