6 portable chargers for the mobile professional

6 portable chargers for the mobile professional

Summary: Business travelers can find it difficult to have their phone or tablet get through a busy day on the road without running the battery dry. These portable chargers solve that problem.


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  • Portable chargers for smartphones and tablets

    While phones and tablets now get decent battery life, frequent travelers can stretch that life to the limit. Long days away from power outlets and heavy usage can drain even good batteries dry.

    Portable power chargers are small battery packs that can be used during the day to top off batteries when they get low. They add very little bulk to briefcases and gear bags and can be lifesavers when needed.

    There are dozens of portable chargers on the market, many from unknown companies that might not be good. This collection has been assembled based on personal recommendations from folks using them. It is thus a good place to start when looking for a good portable battery pack for your smartphone and/or tablet.

    The prices and links for these gadgets are those from the charger manufacturer. Many of them can be found at online retailers like Amazon, so it's always a good idea to search online before ordering one.

    Note that many of these OEMs are quick to push their products for use with iPhones and iPads, but with USB charging ports they will work with most phones/tablets.

    These chargers will not work with laptops, as those require special high-power battery packs. Those are typically very big, heavy, and expensive, so they are not included in this collection.

    The packs included here are by no means the only ones available — they are just the ones recommended to us. If you have another power pack that has served you well, please share it in the TalkBack below.

  • New Trent iCarrier IMP120D

    The New Trent was recommended more often than others in this collection. My colleague Jason Perlow uses one on his business trips and had good things to say about it.

    From the New Trent product page:

    Quick Overview

    • Charge Phones up to 6 times
    • Portable iPhone Battery Pack
    • Unrivaled Power & Speed - 12,000mAh Power
    • Built to Last: 500x Charge Cycle Guarantee
    • Dual USB: 2.1A and 1A
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Compatible with Major Smartphones

    The iCarrier can charge a phone and tablet at the same time with its dual USB ports. One is higher output than the other to charge bigger devices faster than a typical phone charger.

    There is no pass-through capability so the iCarrier cannot charge devices while its internal battery is charging. Its 12,000 mAH capacity is twice that of the other products in this collection.


  • Mophie Powerstation Duo

    The Mophie Juice Pack is a popular case for the iPhone with internal battery to extend phone usage. That case adds weight and bulk to the phone that many do not like.

    Mophie also makes a separate portable charger that can be used to charge a tablet and phone at the same time. The Powerstation Duo has a 6,000 mAH with high output delivery for fast charging of tablets and phones.

    From the Mophie product page:

    • Dual-charging ports
    • 2.1 amp charging output
    • Built-in short circuit, overcharge protection
    • 6,000 mAh battery

    This charger does not have pass-through capability so it cannot be used to charge devices while charging its internal battery.


Topics: Mobility, Smartphones, Tablets

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  • Summary

    What would be a good addition to these and other similar presentations would be, IMHO, a summary grid as the last slide, showing a comparison of the attributes/specs of each device. Just my 2 cents ....
  • It's taken you 3 years to catch on James

    I was already recommending the Energizer XP8000 back in 2010, and it charges netbooks/notebooks as well. Folks can google "lifestyles of the mobile road warrior" for the article on all-day power.
  • Are these really worth the money

    I looked in some anticipation at these chargers. I have many devices and every so often am caught out with that thriller-like feeling that I haven't enough battery for the trip home.

    I have android stuff, so basic universal charger stuff by the way

    But it seems to me you would have to be so badly organised or be carrying 27 devices to need any of these. Not only that, you would have to make sure your charging device is charged as well as your chargers. Far better to bring a normal dual plug and a couple of USB cables or if you buy a phone, like the Samsung, get a spare battery on eBay for $5. Really not worth spending the 100 bucks on a device which you are just as likely to forget as a spare charger or battery.

    IMHO xxx
    • Best Bank for your buck

      I have been using the powerflask for over a year now I could not be any happier it can charge up to 3 devices at one time and has the fastest possible output charge on the market today with 13,000mAh you can find the tech specs on http://portablecharger.com/powerflask-13000mah-universal-battery-08650
  • I think...

    ... ALL remote batteries and chargers should have fold out solar cell panels for recharging itself.
    Then again, why not have solar panels on the backside of laptops and notebooks?
    My $0.0002
  • Ridiculous!

    This is THE reason I'll never buy a phone without a removable/replaceable battery.

    I travel for work, and the last thing you want is to be across a foreign city, maybe needing to use your GPS to navigate back to the hotel, and having to plug in some big, expensive, external dongle to rip your suction cup mount off your windshield. Totally unacceptable, Rube Goldberg workaround to the fundamental problem:
    YOU bought a phone without a removable battery.

    By contrast, I can keep a charged battery in my pocket (which is tiny), and just pop it in anytime I want, and I'm back to 100% charged. Instantly.

    Also 'by contrast', I bought two 2200mah batteries (stock is 2100 on my phone) and an external charger for $15 with free shipping on Amazon... meaning I have a total of three batteries, so I can keep one in my laptop bag, one in my phone, and one in my pocket so I'm never stuck without that weird thing I'm otherwise likely to "oops, left that in the hotel room...".

    Just boycott phones without removable batteries. Vote with your wallet, and stop jumping through hoops. It's how manufacturers will get the message.
    They build products to suit customer demand... so stop buying products that don't suit ALL your potential needs!
    • missing your logic

      So, your phone sits on the suction cup of your car, but you have to charge it with external battery, instead of the car's battery?

      Then, you prefer to keep an fragile and dangerous spare battery in your pocket so that you could install it when in need?

      If you only have one phone, of known brand that that brand does not change their batteries over time (all of them do!), possibly you could do it "your way".

      But if you happen to have several gadgets, each of which has apparently very different battery, then you will carry N different batteries, correct? Or N*2 batteries, just in the case you use one of the devices more.

      Then, those two batteries + charger for $15 things: that is guaranteed junk. If you put any value in your phone, you would not put a battery like this inside...

      But then, it's your money and your devices to waste.
    • Battery Back-up

      I use Nu Aliens "hyperion" for my devices and it has not let me down yet. it holds a charge for a year or more,is weather resistant (dropped mine in a tidal pool on the beach and took 10 minutes to retrieve it.) it can even be run over with a truck!! this mil spec device is compact and you can even charge multiple devices at once. you can find one here: http://www.nualien.com (wish they had more color choices though...)
      Scott Goodman
  • And yes, I mean $15 total for all three...

    Well - looks like it's up to $18.xx with free shipping now, a year later:
    You get my point. ;-)
  • Portable chargers for smartphones and tablets - My 2 cents

    James Kendrick great article,thanks for posting.

    I think it is a cool invention,which makes one more dynamic and power independent.
    Comes in handy if you use you are a power user of smart phone/tablets.

    But what i noticed is there are a lot of gadgets out there.
    Some really overpriced Brands,some under priced ones which are terrible.
    I bought a cheap one and it worked only once (i could have just burned my money instead )

    But couple months back i bought another one it is called Powerbank 12000 it is by company called Rhinoshark.
    So far i have had no problems and it works great,it is pretty powerful too.
    I charge it once and use it to charge my phone through out the week (i have a galaxy s3)
    I would recommend this one to my friends and fellow readers.

    Have a nice day!
  • How to buy high quality portable battery charger?

    Please read this article at http://www.uusb-flash-drive.com/blog/high-quality-portable-battery-charger

    I think everyone should know more clearly what is high quality portable battery charger.
  • You can get a universal charger !

    Instead of carrying power banks, it better to carry a universal charger. It really help im using it from past 6 months. for just 8 $
    • You can get a universal charger !

      Im using 96W Universal Power Charger Adapter Fits Almost All Laptops for my dell laptop
  • Plus

    I bought a Lumsing portable power two years ago, and it still works well. And since then I used the Lumsing line product all the time. Never think of changing other brands.
  • portable mobile charger www.rs-powertech.com

    Currently, there are solar mobile chargersand portable mobile charger without function on the market .

    Personally, i recommend power banks without sun funtion. Because for high capacity power banks, it will takes longer time to charge by solar, and solar is used for emergency situation only. This company ( www.rs-powertech.com), have both solar mobile charger and power bank. If for solar charger, we recommend 6000 mah, if the capacity of solar mobile charger is too small, you cellphone's battery will be not full charged. Besides, you can purchase high capacity power bank also, it can fit your requirements.
  • jaddison

    Best portable chargers affordable prices and trading market place and much much more mobile accessories Visit now
  • how much do you know about portable charger

    recently i bought a portable charger from amazon, but the quality is not satisfying. i worry it may explode after i read a passage about portable chargers. i realize that i know little about how to buy a safe and quality charger. i share it with you here, and you can have a look. http://externalbatteryworld.wordpress.com/2014/08/25/dont-buy-external-battery-before-you-read-this
    horizon lwl
  • would personally like to recommend just another great portable charger

    got this maxway powerbank from amazon 6 months ago, it's been working great since, it has a capacity of 12000mah to charge my iphone 4s several times before needing a recharge, a great product you won't regret buying it http://www.amazon.com/12000mAh-Upgraded-Capacity-Portable-Blackberry/dp/B00E5UBBNQ/ref=sr_1_2?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1413267882&sr=1-2